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Busted   8/13/2019

(gay content) damn did i ever fuck up, way to drunk to drive, thank god i didn't hurt anyone but my car is fucked and so am i. i slowly start to sober up during the long booking process and when

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Dear Abbey   8/13/2019

dear abby, i'm a 50yo man, i work 13 hour days with commuting to keep my wife in new cars, fancy clothing, health clubs, beauty parlors, expensive lotions and creams and much more. i have an awf

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meeting the couple   7/30/2019

It was a long drive, over 2 hours and I'd already paid for the room. condoms, check, change of clothes and laptop, all in my bag ready to go. I got their text, they're on their way too and I

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my first cock - gay   7/18/2019

i was , i'd been with a few girls my age and one milf but my small cock seemed to doom me, once was all i got every time and i swear they all told tales because i wasn't getting any. it was s

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my life as an escort   7/17/2019

i was , broke and alone, sitting in the bus station, waiting till midnite for the bus back home. it wasn't 7pm when he sat down next to me, " " he says in a slick voice, "i've

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Granny Next Door?!?!?!!!!   7/8/2019

she lived a few doors away, 65yo easily, her face was nothing to look at but her body, oh my god. when i was 16 and cutting her grass and she was out in a bikini i saw her, my god, full tits that sto

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A good deed gets rewarded   7/1/2019

i just got home, what an awesome morning. I'd gone out for a jog thru the park, my usual route. barely running more just walking, enjoying the day when I see a guy up ahead stumble on a crack an

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Road Trip   6/30/2019

It was fall and the wife and i were heading south to florida to our winter place, a small condo in naples. it was a quiet ride the first afternoon when we left, heading out, taking the long route so w

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beware of fairy tales coming true   6/30/2019

She walked into my store, into my life because her husband sent her down, saying "check it out honey, they just opened, i bet they'll have what you need" and boy did I ever. she was blo

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Sometimes just shut up and enjoy.   6/29/2019

sometimes you just have to shut up I'm Paul, I was moving into a new appt in a old large house. there we're 4 other appts in the building and one shared a landing with mine, as i was moving i

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the conundrum   5/29/2019

here it goes. one one hand, there's my ex wife, married her twice, we have two fully grown. she's sexy beautiful and we have such great chemistry but we bicker, fight, argue all the time

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The Bi Couple   5/29/2019

we'd met online in a bi chat room and i was excited, they were younger, in their 30's, why they'd want me i'll never know but they did. we'd chatted a bit online first and i was t

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My Fun Day   5/28/2019

it started when i responded to an blind craigslist activity ad from a woman wanting some "fun" the next day i was on my way, a couple of fuzzy pics and an address, i never asked her age, or

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My Neighbor. P1   5/28/2019

it came upon me again, late one night when i saw her in her window, undressing, god damn hot milf and she knows it, every night around 9pm, she's there, undressing, showing me her body acting like

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The Vandal   5/9/2019

(this story has str8, bi and gay sex) it happened again, heading for work and find my car with a flat, this is the third day in a row, all three times slashed. the cops come, a report is filed, but

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headed south, pt2   5/1/2019

after returning home, hooking with my GF and settling in i couldn't get either one out of my mind and finally, i called him first, he didn't answer so i called her and she answer on the 2nd r

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Heading south for the winter.   5/1/2019

it was fall, getting cold and time to leave, i packed my car and headed south, after getting gas in maryland i passed a hitchiker heading south, he was small, didn't seem scary so i took the chanc

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The Massage   8/17/2018

i walked in and stopped at the desk, she announced me and Karrie brought me to a room. "get comfortable and lay down, I'll be right back." and she walked out. i was nervous, this was

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Class Reunion   8/15/2018

it had been years since I'd seen him and we'd been best friends in high school, but college sent us in different directions and here we are 20 years later at our high school reunion. i didn&#

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I Hate My Job   8/8/2018

God I hate my job. Those words bounced around my head every day. Here i was, at a computer, doing tax return and another 7 hours to go here. A beep, interoffice message. the VP of HR wants to see

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I was working my way across the south.....   8/8/2018

The sun was rising when he finally finished with a scream, then he held down as he slowly softened and finally pulled out of my ass. as he got off the bed i flipped over and watched as he dressed, i

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My Worst Dry Spell Ever........   8/6/2018

it's been 5 months, and small town life sucks, I can't see to break thru. I'd moved into town recently for work and i was struggling to meet anyone though the job was great. Finally it g

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My busy weekend   8/5/2018

the busy day. I've been a member for a while, at first almost no luck till i realized it's not luck and started working it, now I'm getting a little. Saturday morning, i have plans fo

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my parents new neighbors   8/4/2018

i was barely 21 when i met her, older, pudgy but so hot. long hair, smiles all the time and she moved in next door. then i saw her husband, he was huge, 6'8" 250lbs, even hairy knuckles. s

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my new neighbors   8/4/2018

I'd just moved into my own place, finally free, after years of a living hell with that woman, she's gone, out of my life. it was a small place, all i could afford with what I'd got left,

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My Friend and I ...... with The Girl   8/3/2018

i heard about her through a friend, he said things about her i didn't believe, no holes bared, totally willing, so cheap and no time limit. what could we do, i said yes, he was a bj buddy, we'

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I was at the bar, Minding my own business....part 2   8/3/2018

i tried, really i tried, but i finally called him the next night. it went to voicemail, i left a detailed message and waited. all night.... he called the next morning, very matter of fact and direc

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I was at the bar, Minding my own business....   8/1/2018

It was after work, i didn't want to go home to an empty house and i just didn't have it in me to try and be charming and fun and pick up a woman. the was when i notice him looking right at me

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The Next Friday Night   7/29/2018

I don't hear a word from either of them since i dropped her off Saturday and it was Thursday. I was keeping Friday night open just in case when the text arrived from he. just 3 words, "see

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a friday night couple   7/28/2018

we'd chatted for months, mostly with him but sometimes with her and finally we're going to meet. they're coming here in 2 hours and I'm so nervous. I've tried to be honest with t

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late for work, part 2 at home later   7/27/2018

i spent all day at my desk, hearing snickers and laughter behind my back, add my head spinning from my boss, I'd sucked his cock, he'd fucked and i liked it, what was that about. i stayed

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Late for work, again.   7/27/2018

the boss damn it, late to work again. Shit, i was warned. i walk in, past my desk to his office. I knock and walk in, "um sir" i start to say, he looks up, "late again Dan?" i

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my bestie and my wife   7/26/2018

I'd been working a lot lately and we'd barely been talking and i knew something was up so today when i left i drove a block away and parked, snuck back to the house, into the basement and just

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the text   7/26/2018

my phone vibrated, a text, come now he said. "yes, right now" i responded and left, 25 minutes later i was getting out and walking to his door, it was unlocked and i walked in, locking it b

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Caught   7/26/2018

we'd hooked up a few times already, usually when his wife wasn't home. I nice simple blow and go, he was always clean and ready. We'd do it in his den, he in his chair, me kn my knees, ha

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alternative bj   7/3/2018

Friday arrives. i spent the day working, fielding nervous texts all day from Ron, he wants to know what i have in store for tonight and i just keep telling him, relax, it'll be fun. after work

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the BJ pt 3   7/3/2018

go back and read part one and 2. well, it's been 6 months and i literally haven't been with anyone else but Ron or Karen, and I'm enjoy it, though it does get nerve wracking, Karen has t

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the BJ, Pt 2   7/3/2018

go read pt one first for the basic layout. So, it's been 6 months of my str8 neighbor coming by almost daily for a BJ and I'm not complaining. but one day after I'd finished and was licki

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the missed appointment   7/2/2018

i'd made an appt with my regular TS, she was a tall thin Jamaican gurl with a 7 inch toy that fit perfectly in either end, but thats another story, tonight, despite an appointment she blew me off,

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the energizer bunny   7/2/2018

i had a hankering for something different, i was cruising the internet and i found her ad, small, sexy and a real 8 inches. i called her, we chatted for a very few minutes, her accent was so cute

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the BJ   7/2/2018

i was home, mid-afternoon when a knock at the door startled me. who the fuck i though as i went to the door. opening it, i don't recognize the guy "hi, can i help you" i say, he laughs

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Last Call   6/29/2018

we all know, last call is when the losers hook up, and here it was last call and i was alone. i scanned the bar, a mixed crowd, str8, bi and gay but all paired off. i hang out, who knows people do f

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Deeper in the woods   6/29/2018

Yes, i called him again, only 3 days later, he laughed, then told me to wait out front and he picked me up. i couldn't believe i was doing it again, but there i was, getting into his truck, he sm

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deep in the woods   6/28/2018

we chatted back and forth like all good hookups, finally agreed on a day and time, the day before, we're chatting he suggests NOW. all replied was "YES, leaving NOW" and left, long 45 m

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Out of the Blue   6/24/2018

I was online, looking for someone to hook up with and as usual there wasn't anyone available. then an IM comes in, a name i've seen before but never spoken with, not really my type but he wan

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