~+^ The last of the sweet  

pal334 64M  
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10/12/2018 4:38 am

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10/16/2018 5:30 am

~+^ The last of the sweet

I got the last of the fresh sweet corn yesterday and I will be a bit of a glutton this week end. Around here the sweet corn going forward will be older that has been stored, or shipped in from out state. I am a bit of a snob for corn, I love it fresh . straight from the corn field. The corn is juice and literally pops with each bite. I enjoy sharing it lusciousness with friends. As for cooking, boiling, cooked on the grill or in foil in the oven. And of course melted butter with a sprinkle of salt,, yummy. I am a bit biased, and consider the sweet corn here in New Jersey to be amongst the best. Do you enjoy sweet corn? How do you prepare it? Do you consider the corn where you are to be amongst the best?

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pal334 64M  
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10/12/2018 4:43 am

This is sort of what I look like when eating [image]

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SimpleLatina 54F
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10/12/2018 5:39 am

I love it roasted. I can remember my Dad would have a small coffee can with melted butter and would dunk his corn in it

Pleasureinc 55M  
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10/12/2018 5:45 am

Fresh sweet corn is the best! The quality from my area is darn good too.

scott6250 56M  
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10/12/2018 7:03 am

I love sweet corn on the cob boiled and fresh. I also like it cooked on the grill. Happy Friday Pal!

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superbjversion2 63F  
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10/12/2018 7:38 am

Corn on the cob has been a summer staple my entire life. Usually boiled by Mom while Dad grilled the meat. I eat it rarely now that I cook for one cuz one ear suffices and I feel odd just buying one ear.

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sweet_VM 60F  
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10/12/2018 8:22 am

Lucky you! I like the peach and cream. We don’t have fresh corn left around our area hugs V

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misskissin 55F  
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10/12/2018 12:34 pm

Love good sweet corn! I am with you Pal... bit of snob... I don't do that frozen ears... ugh.

Tmptrzz 56F  
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10/12/2018 5:00 pm

Looks good Pal I hope you enjoy it, I haven't eaten corn on the cob in years but my hubby often buys it and eats it as it's usually on sale 4 ears for a dollar. I hope you have a great weekend..

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zippo6619 70M
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10/15/2018 11:35 am

that looks delicious rite off the stalks yummmmm

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