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Profile Pictures
Posted:Sep 3, 2017 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2018 10:30 am
Here's the pictures from my profile so standard members can view them too. I'll try to add any new ones here as I add them to my main profile page.

A friend recommended that I copy my profile in here also. I agree so here it is:


I am a married woman with children stuck in a rut. I'm looking to pass the time chatting, reading naughty stories, or whatever. I've been doing the blog thing, and have a few pictures on here too. I like to let my mind wander, and create captioned pictures. Feel free to read, and please comment. Meeting isn't in the cards for me at this point, and I won't give out any personal information. Aside from that I'm just a person that craves attention I guess. So feel free to comment about anything I have on here. I love reading them.

My Ideal Person An intelligent creative person with a good personality.


Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious

Looking For: Men, Women, Couples (man/woman), Groups, Couples (2 women), Couples (2 men)

Birthdate: May 16, 1974
Relocate?: No
Marital Status: Married
Swinger Type: Prefer not to say
Height: 5 ft 1 in
Body Type: BBW/BBM
Smoking: I'm a non-smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: Don't use drugs
Education: High school graduate
Occupation: customer service
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Catholic
Have Children: Yes - at home
Want Children: Happy with what they have
Bra Size: 40 / 90 D
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Glasses or Contacts: Glasses
Eye Color: Brown
Astrology: Taurus (Compatibility)
Personality Type:
The Caretaker
Purity: 69% Pure

My Kinks:

Anal Sex Ass Play (rimming, beads, etc.) Rough Sex (biting, breath play, hair pulling, etc.) Talking Dirty Blindfolds Bondage (rope, chains, cling film, confinement, etc) Extreme (fire, branding, piercings, knife/needle play, EMS, candle wax, etc.) Clamps (cock and ball, nipples) Collar and Lead/Leash Shaving Dildos (handheld & strap-ons) Domination/Sub/Switch Exhibitionism/Sex In Public Gang bangs Handcuffs/Shackles Humiliation Lingerie Making Erotic Photography/Video Massage Masturbation Mutual Masturbation Oral Sex Role Playing Sadism/Masochism Spanking/Paddling/Whips Toys Voyeurism

Profile Pictures 2
Posted:Sep 3, 2017 10:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2019 1:44 pm
Here's the last of the personal picture. I'm not going to post all of the captions here since most of them are here already, and it'll take way too long to do.

Is it ho hum if you hum a ho?
Posted:Jan 16, 2019 10:11 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2019 10:07 am
Hi everyone that reads my drivel. I hope you have all been well, and having your most carnal fantasies filled. I haven't, but my mind has been going like always. As if my status hasn't given that away. Unfortunately I can't read any of the comments even though I really want to. I guess the site is saying that I'm just not good enough to get more turned on hearing all of your thoughts and comments. I guess I'll have to settle being my normal horny self then.

As you can also tell I'm in a nit of a bratty mood. I'm also in a mood where I see a woman's breasts and I'm getting really hot. It's strange because I've never been this overheated by another pair of tits. I just want to touch them, trace the nipples, kiss them, and just to have them for me to play with for a while. I'd love to wrap my arms around her holding her tight while I kiss and lick her breasts.

But that's just my mood right now. I'm so horny most of the time that I might want a woman, but if there was a hard dick there I'd take advantage of it. I guess that would make me the ho in the title, but since I don't fuck every person that I want to or offers that would exclude me from that title. Like I always admit; I'm a closet slut. I hope and I dream, but in the end I take care of maters myself so my brain stops being so needy.

I just figure I'd let everyone know that I'm having issues with reading comments on my status and pictures right now, and then I went on a tangent like usual. Sorry about that. Have a great day, and stay safe. Later.

A New Year- New Possibilities
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 9:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2019 10:13 am
Hey there everyone! I hope everyone has been well, and their desires are being fulfilled. The hectic holidays are behind us, and the new year has begun. hoping for more relaxing, more camp outs, more family time, and many more pleasurable experiences. If only I could not work, and have nothing but me time. But this is reality. Reality sucks most of the time.

So for my reality still working nights, and the hours are starting to pick up even though it's not the busy season quite yet. hoping that we aren't slammed with too much overtime like last year. I don't mind a few hours over forty every week, but I hate when it's fifty or sixty hours every week.

At home things are slowly changing. My kids are getting older. As we all are. Their schedules are morphing into different things, and it's keeping me busy trying to keep up. My hubby's schedule is still the same, but he's become much more attentive to me. Like he's actually trying to give me what I want without actually going all in. I hope he does some day even though he doesn't like the idea.

For my times... Well... They are few and far between. I didn't even get out camping like I had hoped. I got one week at the cabin alone, for the most part, and that's nowhere near enough for any satisfying relaxation.

So hoping my new year is better with more camping, more relaxing, and more of everything great. And I hope your new year is also. Have a great time, and enjoy life. Until the next post. Be well. Later.

The Tresspasser (part 2)
Posted:Nov 10, 2018 8:39 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 9:55 am

Here's the rest since I'm too long winded for it to take as one.

"You are definitely a good cock sucker." He moans seconds before I swallow his cum.
He rubs my head as I suck it all out of him. Once he's done he zips back up, and we sit by the fire. A while later the guys from the UTV come walking up. They start to harass us, and My guy puts them right in their places. He told them that if they wanted a chance they would have to come back with two hundred each. It made me wet seeing him defending me. the boys all ran off whimpering and bitching.
An hour later three of them returned. I watched them have my owner , and then I was told to bring them to the back bedroom. they all wanted me at the same time so I just let them take me. the tallest guy with black hair pulled me down to suck him, and then the shorter black haired guy added his dick. The blond guy sat back watching for a bit until he seen enough. Then he got behind me, and slid into my pussy.
"I love that fat ass." He says as he fucks me.
The tall guy pulls me off the blond, and has me mount him. I spread my ass for the blond. He takes the hint, and slides right in. I suck the last guy as the other tow fuck me to orgasm. And a nice orgasm it is. I'm soon pulled off them, and the shorter black haired guy lays beside me. I mount him as the blond returns to my ass. I suck my orgasm off the tall guy, and he quickly cums all over my face and chest. He has a very impressive load.
Watching this makes the one in my pussy moan as he fills me with his spunk, and then it's just me and the blond. He keeps plugging away at my ass fucking me good and deep. Another orgasm comes at me fast, and I let it. I hear the fourth guy walk in, and then see his dick in front of me standing tall. I suck on him as the blond uses my ass good. Minutes later I feel him cum in my ass as I gobble the cock in front of me. His cum feels so good inside of my ass. I can't describe it other than sexually soothing.
When he pulls out I lay on my back letting the fourth guy take me missionary while his buddies cheer him on. His dick feels good inside of me, and I don't want him to stop fucking me. I can tell he doesn't have much experience so I whisper in his ear some instructions.
"Slow down, use the whole thing, get a steady rhythm going, and you'll make me cum all over your big cock."
He follows my words, and in no time I begging for his cock as I orgasm. He keeps the pace all the way through, and when I finish I whisper again in his ear loud enough for his friends to hear.
"Cum in my pussy sweetie. Give me your baby. Fill my cunt with you cum."
I watch then as he fucks me faster, and then grunts as he finishes inside of me. His cum feels really hot in me, and I feel it moving deeper instead of leaking out. When he gets off me I watch as they all walk out happy. I clean up, and return to the fire.
"More satisfied customers my fat whore?"
"Yes sir."
"Good. Now go get me a beer, and carry it back in your filthy cunt."
I go to the fridge, and try my hardest to fit a can into me. It takes some doing, but I do it. Then I return letting him pull it out of me. I see the neighbor for next door is standing there. He looks at me in awe. I don't say a word. I'm told to get him a beer too so I do it all over again letting the neighbor pull it out this time. They talk for a while, and my guy tells him how I'm his and do what he tells me. The neighbor doesn't believe it so my guy has to prove it.
"Pick up that log the out of the fire." He commands me.
I look down hoping he's joking.
I hear the neighbor pleading with him to stop me as I reach in the fire. He tells me to stop at the last minute. He says that he believes him, and that he doesn't need another example. I have to pee so I cross my legs telling my guy without words.
"Go bitch. Stay in the yard too."
The neighbor watches as I walk down, and squat down to pee in the drive. When I return he just looks at me strange.
"This is kind of fucked up." He says to my guy.
"Explain it to him cow."
"Well, I'm just a filthy fuck cow owned by this guy here. He let's me be the whore that I am, and punishes me just right when I need it."
My guy looks at me satisfied, and the neighbor looks at me still confused.
"What else do you need to know? He owns me, and I do everything he asks. No matter what."
"That's just crazy."
"Not really. Think about it." My owner says. "Everyone wants to be accepted, and when one is accepted for themselves they can live freely."
I'm surprised by the depth of his answer, and it truly makes sense. I se what I didn't run now. I want to be his. I want to be the whore. I want to be accepted.
"You like sex right?" He asks.
"Well, yeah."
"She likes sex. What's wrong with you both having sex together? You have your fun, and she has hers. She just likes it a bit rougher than most bitches do. Honestly she likes her cunt destroyed."
"How can you say that about her? She another person, and should be treated with respect and dignity."
"Would that make you cum fatty?"
"No sir."
"Do you like to get off, or have her get off? Answer me truthfully."
"I want to get off of course, but she needs to too."
"Such a self righteous answer. In reality you're like any other guy. Once you get off you could really care less. So here's my fuck bag. She gets off on be used like a cum bucket. That means you..."
"I know what that means. I just can't believe it. That only happens in porn flicks."
"Look at her. Is she dressed or naked?"
"Where did you take your beer from?"
"Her crotch."
"Now put that all together."
"It just doesn't seem true."
"Bitch suck his dick."
I walk over and kneel in front of him. He stands the as I fish his dick out, and I begin to suck it. He seems reluctant at first, but I make him quiet down as his cock hardens in my mouth. Then all I hear is him moaning as I make good use of the stiff dick in my mouth. I reach down, and rub myself as I suck. I am so wet. His dick is so hard. I love it. I make quick work of him, and I rub myself to orgasm doing so. When I finish I return to my guy's side.
"See. She likes it so why deny her?"
"Wow. I guess you've made your point."
"Glad to have shown you the light. This cunt and I are going in now. Have a great night."
"It will be now. Later."
I follow him in, and he pees before going to bed. I lay on the floor beside him, and he tells me to lay with him. I gladly do. He holds me tight with my head on his hairy chest until he starts snoring. I lay there falling fast asleep myself.
The next morning I wake with his dick poking me in the butt. He has a major morning wood, and he's still sleeping. I roll over, and run my fingers over it. His hips raise telling me that I'm going good. Then I bend down taking him in my mouth. I relax my throat to take him all, and he begins fucking my face. I want him to finish in my mouth, but I want to fuck him too. I climb on top, and slide him into my soaking wet vagina.
He feels so good as I slowly ride him. Feeling the entire situation of what I'm doing intensifies my lust. I don't last two minutes before I'm a quivering mess as my orgasm ripples through me. It lasts for a few wonderful minutes before slowly subsiding. Just as I'm ready to get him back in my mouth I feel him shooting against my vaginal walls. His semen injecting into me in ropes. I hold still on top of him letting him finish.
He looks up at me smiling as he says, "Good morning slut. Now that you have your injection for a few hours go make me some breakfast."
I climb off him smiling, and glad that he didn't get mad. Then I go to make some eggs and toast. He goes to pee and then sits at the table. I serve him before I sit at the door. He laughs as he hooks me to the lead. I crawl out and pee in the drive before returning. He unhooks me, and I sit beside his legs on the floor.
"Your bruises are almost gone. You heal fast. Today you have a few appointments, and then maybe we'll go out. What do you say?"
"Anything you say sir."
"That's what I thought." He laughs.
We sit and watch TV until the afternoon. Then he tells me to get in the truck. I follow him out, and he drives to a truck stop where a truck is sitting idling.
"That's the one. Go knock on the window."
I walk up knocking, and a fat greasy looking guy opens the door. I climb in going straight to the sleeper. He right behind me, and is in my puss before I even settle in. He fucks me with his little dick like there's no tomorrow. I really don't get anything out of it, but I let him have his fun. In minutes he pulls out finishing all over my ass. I grab a couple of tissues to clean up, and he hands me a roll of twenties.
My guy counts out three hundred when I hand him the roll. Then he drives me out to an old log cabin before sending me to the door. Some old guy in his eighties answers the door letting me in. He leads me to his bedroom, and then lays me down as he sucks my nipples. Crawling between my legs he enters my wet snatch. He fucks me slow making me crazy with want. I like it hard and fast. He's trying to be sweet and sensual. It's just a tease. I fake a few moans, and rock my hips like I'm getting into it.
In minutes he pulls out finishing all over my crotch. I stroke the last of his cum onto me before he gets up handing me some toilet paper. I wipe off as he hands me some . I see a hundred, but I don't know how there is until I return to the truck and he counts out five hundred.
"Two more and you're done for the day." He says driving.
He drives me to a logging road where I see that Ford truck again. I look confused.
"Like you said. He gave a really great review. Now you get to thank him for it. One pop is all he gets unless he's willing to . Got it?"
"Yes sir." I exclaim hoping out of the truck.
He's already sitting in the middle before I even get in the truck. I open the door, and lean in. I take out his dick sucking it good and hard before I tell him to get behind me.
"You gave a great review so I'm yours. Do with me as you will." I say looking back at him.
With that he plunges into my vagina sloshing around in my wetness, and then he pulls out just to slide it up my ass. I moan in appreciation as he drills my ass good. He then switches back to my pussy fucking it hard for a bit before returning to my ass. Feeling him switching back and forth drives me wild. Before I know it I'm begging for his seed.
"I want your cum big boy! Give it to me."
I barely get it out when I orgasm myself. He finishes me before pulling out, and spinning me around. I suck his dick until he cums in my mouth. I swallow it down before returning to the truck leaving him as he dresses. I grab another tissue cleaning up as I'm driven to the last stop. I'm shocked when we pull up to the old run down house again.
"Last stop. Have fun."
I get out to knock on the door. My uncle answers again smiling.
"Dressed for the occasion this time I see. Please go sit, and I'll be right with you."
I sit on the couch edge like before as he returns with his tools.
"Not much growth, but enough to need a touch up."
He lathers me up, and begins to slowly shave me.
"You do have a very nice looking pussy."
"It looks really wet too. Does this turn you on?"
"Yeah. A little."
"What if I slipped with the razor?"
"That would hurt, and I would bleed."
He sharpens it on the strap before having me lift my legs to shave around my ass.
"Yes you would." He says as he finishes.
I wait as he washes me, and dries me. The he tells me to stay still. He leaves only to return with a camera. He snaps a few pictures of me before he sets it down.
"I added a little extra for the pictures." He says handing me some .
I take it, and head to the truck. My man counts it saying that there's an extra hundred. Then he drives us back. I take a shower as instructed, and he does what he does. I sit at his feet when I finish, and watch TV as he looks at his phone.
"You know. I think we need to up the ante a bit here. I'm going to post a video of you playing with yourself, and we'll see if that brings more attention to you."
I get excited at the thought of a video of me being posted for people to watch. I stand up taking him by the hand to the bedroom. Once there I lay down as he records me. I finger myself to a nice climax making sure to look into the camera as I cum. Then he hands me the phone. I hit the post button, and it pops right up. I look through to see all of the good reviews, and it makes me happy to see.
His phone begins to go nuts so I hand it back to him. He smiles saying that the video worked. We return to the living room, and he goes through his messages.
"Here's a guy that wants you to fart on his face. and another that wants to watch you walk naked in high heels. Whoa! This guy wants to get bred by his prized bull. I don't think your cunt could take that. What do you think?"
"I don't think so sir."
I watch TV, and he answers messages until around seven at night then he tells me to go see what's on the bed for me. I go in to see a hot pink mini skirt, black fishnet stockings with matching lace garter belt, a white thin button down blouse, and black lace bra and g string set. I squeeze into it all, and then return to the living room to show him. He hands me a pair of pink high heels, and then has me pose for a few pictures.
"You look like a top grade slut now." He says as we go to the truck.
I'm more dressed than I've been in days, but I still feel uneasy about the outfit. he drives us for a long ways up the road until we arrive at an old rundown bar. The parking lot is packed, and the music is really loud. The guy at the door waves us past, and we walk into a short entry to a large bar area. When we pass the entry point I look to my right to see a naked chubby blond dancing naked on a stage with all of the guys watching her.
My guy looks at me smiling as he gets up a drink at the crowded bar. Then he leads me closer to the stage to sit down. the dancer finishes, and a really drunk black girl walks up. She doesn't even dance, and she can barely stand. When she finishes a brunette in her twenties walks up dressed as a nurse. She's chubby, but has a huge chest. When a table next to the stage opens he drags me to it, and starts tipping the dancer as she strips. She goes down to her g string in no time, but doesn't go any further disappointing a lot of the guys.
After her dance she comes up to us, and talks to my guy since he seemed to be the only one feeding her . She says how it's been a slow tip night even though it's crowded, and how she's regretting coming to this bar. He asks her what she thinks about women that come to strip clubs, and she says that she's glad when they do because it get the tips moving if the girl is more open sexually. He smiles at me, and then whispers in her ear. She smiles. Then she jumps away leaving us alone.
Soon the blond comes back out. She does her thing, and then finishes. My guy tips her some, but not a lot. Then the brunette comes back out dressed as a cop. She gets on stage as she dances, and then slowly takes of her top. I don't see anyone tipping her yet. then off comes her bra. Still no tips. Finally her skirt. Nothing. The guys hot and holler, but that's all. Then she motions to the DJ. He says that there's a criminal in the crowd. She puts her shirt on, and grabs her hand cuffs and billy club. I watch as she walks right up to me.
She stands me up, and handcuffs me with my hands behind my back. Then she drags my to the stage where she cuffs me to the pole. The DJ asks how much the guys are willing to spend to see the naughty cop interrogate the criminal? He says five bucks to get my top off, and the fives come flying onto the stage. She unbuttons my shirt, and pulls it back over my shoulders letting the see me. They all cheer.
"Five more for the skirt? What do you say guys?"
The again pours onto the stage almost as fast as my crotch is wetting. I feel the zipper tug on my skirt, and then feel it drop to the floor. Again they cheer wildly.
"How much is that bra worth to you guys? Should the officer give her a strip search"
I watch as the guys toss more on the stage. The brunette collects it, and then steps in front of me. She gives me a big passionate kiss, and when she backs up I feel my bra spring open. They guys cheer, and then she bends down to lick my right nipple. I moan as her warm tongue glides over my hard nipple. Then the Dj asks what my panties are worth. After she collects the she slowly pulls them down leaving me pretty much naked on the pole. The crowd goes crazy when they see me standing there.
"It's time for the cavity search." I hear.
Then the brunette crouches down, and kisses me right on my bald mound before she moves back. Then I feel her fingers slide right into my super heated love box. She fingers me with two fingers as the guys toss , and I quickly orgasm hard. She then holds her fingers up showing how wet they are. When she puts them in front of me I lick them. then she uncuffs me. She lays me on the stage on my back with my legs facing the crowd. She walks away before returning with a big pink dildo.
She crouches down over my face with her underwear gusset right by my lips, and then I feel her open my legs. The DJ asks for more to get her to fuck me with the dildo, and she must be getting it because I feel her sliding it into me. She fucks me with it so good. I become overrun with lust. I use my tongue to move her undies to the side, and I lick her as she fucks me with the dildo. Before I know it I'm in the throws of another orgasm. I lick and fuck her with my tongue wildly as she fucks me through.
I soon feel her vagina quivering around my tongue, and we both finish at the same time. She collapses on top of me for a second, and then lets me get up. When I stand up she kisses me and thanks me for helping out. I take my skirt and underwear from her, and put them back on before returning to my chair. Soon the man from the front door sits beside us, and tells me that he's really thankful that I helped the night, and would like to offer us free drinks for the rest of the night. He explains how the drunk girl was ruining the entire line up, and a lot of guys left because of her. I tell him that I was glad to help since he was talking mostly to me. I go on to say how my man encouraged me to step up, and without him I wouldn't be here.
He gets us the drinks we request, and shortly thereafter the blond sits by us. She looks right at me, and thanks me for ruining her show. She says how she can't top what we just did and the guys won't even watch her anymore. My guy gets her attention, and he tells her that it was all his idea. He says that if she's open he can help her out too. They talk more in depth, and I can't hear them. I just see her expressions turning as he explains things. Then she hops up running to the back room.
When I see her next she's dressed in tight leather skirt, and bustier. She's carrying a paddle as she prances to the stage. I see candles lit all around the stage as she begins her dance. She quickly gets down to her black leather bra, and g string without a single tip. then she stops dancing. I watch as she goes around the room giving guys a sway on the ass if they aren't looking at her. Then when she gets to me she grabs my hair, and pulls me onto the stage.
I am tossed down. I feel my skirt yank up over my ass, and then feel the paddle swatting my ass. Not hard, but firm. She then picks me up by my arm making me kneel on the stage facing the men. My blouse is yanked up over my head before she swats the tops of my boobs a few times. The DJ asks for for her to remove my bra and swat my nipples. The flies right up, and my bra is quickly pulled off. I feel the paddle smack my nipples a few times to the appreciation of the crowd.
"How about we get the rest of those clothes off our naughty girl? Show her some love boys."
They give generously, and I am stood up so she can finish stripping me. One guy offers fifty buck for her to paddle my pussy. She takes the , and makes me sit with my legs wide open in front of him. She stands over the top of me with her ass toward me. I see her arm go up then feel the paddle land right across my crotch. Her legs hold me still so I can't crawl away, and the I feel land on my stomach. She follows with a second swat.
Then she scoops up the before pulling me back near the pole. I sit there with my legs still open, and watch her taking a candle and show the crowd. They cheer and shout as she walks up to my right side. She looks down at me as the DJ asks for more for her to do it. She gets it, and so do I. She dumps the hot wax all over my right breast. The guys love it so she grabs another. This one is dumped over my left breast. More cheers, and more hits the stage.
The wax is hot, but not intensely. The feeling of it hitting my skin turned me on more than anything. So when she grabbed the last candle I was wanting it. She poured it all over my belly letting the wax run down over my crotch. I almost had an orgasm right then. She then walked to the edge of the stage, and when she returned I saw she was wearing a big black strap on.
"This one must have been really bad. Our dominatrix has broken out the black mamba. Do you guys want to see a real show? Pony up because this one isn't cheap."
She walks right up to me collecting along the way. When she gets to me she grabs me by the hair pulling my to my knees. She waits for the applause before she makes me suck it. They love it. Then she sits beside me, and tells me to straddle her facing the audience. The crowd gets even louder as I lower myself onto the big dick. It fills me so good, and I fuck it losing myself in the moment. I orgasm in minutes, and the roar of the crowd returns as I come down from the high. She grabs my hair pulling me off, and making me get on my hands and knees with my right side toward the men. She plunges back into me, and fucks me good and slow. I feel bills hitting my back as she puts on a show.
"I have a guy here that is going to tip a hundred bucks if you'll shove that thing up her ass. I don't think she's been that naughty. What do you all think?"
I hear them all clamor for her to do it, and in moments I feel it sliding slowly in my ass. She doesn't stop until it's all the way in. Then she fucks me hard with it. I moan almost as loud as the crowd. When she reaches under me and plays with my clit I can't help but to orgasm almost immediately. It's a wild and intense orgasm, and she sees me through it.
When she lets me up I grab her and give her a passionate kiss before returning to my chair holding my clothes. He looks at me smiling a smug satisfied smile. The blond sits by me, and hands me some telling me that it's half the tips. I give it back telling to keep it. She looks at me surprised. My man says something to her, and then she gets up to leave. Before she walks away she leans down kissing me a long deep kiss. We drink our drinks, I get dressed, and then we head for the door. The brunette stops us, and thanks us again. Then the blond comes running up behind her. She thanks us too, and invites us to an after party.
"We'd love to, but we really have to get going." My guy says.
They seem disappointed, but kiss me on the cheeks thanking me again. The guy at the door tells us to come back any day, and that he'd let me dance if I wanted. He's quiet on the long ride home. When we get back he makes me strip in the driveway handing him my clothes. He tells me to pee before we get in so I squat down to go. Then he follows me into the cabin. I crawl in, and lay by the couch. He walks past me to go pee. Then he goes into the bedroom without saying a word. I follow him in, and lay beside the bed. He pets my head, and then begins to snore. I lay on the floor dozing off myself.
The next morning he's not there when I wake up. I look all around the house, but he's gone. My truck is there. I sit down, and I wonder where he went. I make something to eat, use the bathroom like a normal person, and sit on the couch. I can't help but to think something is wrong that he left so suddenly. After a few hours I walk back to the clearing to see his stuff is gone. When I get back to the cabin I look all over again in case he returned. Still nothing. He doesn't return all day, and I worry. I even sleep on the couch in case he'd return in the middle of the night.
The next day I hear my phone ringing from under the bed. I dig it out to see that my husband has been trying to text me for days, and I just missed his call. I texted back quick the I lost my phone, and I found it under the bed. I said that I'm good, and I'll be home in a couple of days. He sent me a smilie face and a kiss face. I grab my book, and sit back to read just like before it all started.
A few chapters later there's a knock on the door. It's the neighbor from across the road and the neighbor from next door. I open the door not caring about my nakedness.
"What do you two want?"
"Let us in." The next door neighbor insists.
"We have to talk to you. It's important."
I let them in, and they sit. I sit on the couch listening as the neighbor from next door talks. The one from across the road stays silent the entire time.
"That guy that you're with. Do you know his name?"
"No. Not really, why?"
"He looked familiar to me, but I couldn't place it. I racked my brain trying to figure it out, and then I remembered. Look at this."
He shows me his phone which has a mug shot picture of a guy that looks kind of like my man.
"His name is Jack Covington. He's wanted for attacking, using, and killing women. They all look just like you too. Same hair, same figure, and everything."
"That's not him. My guy is too sweet to do that."
"Did you see the tattoo on his left forearm?"
"Yeah. What of it? It's a tiny star."
He shows me the man's distinguishing features, and there's a picture of the tattoo.
"I think you better go somewhere safe, and call the police."
"I think I'm good. If he was that guy he would have killed me right away. Lots of people have tiny tattoos of stars so I'm not going to worry about it."
"You really should reconsider that. I'm just trying to help you out."
"Thanks anyway." I say seeing them out the door.
They don't need to know he's gone so I'll just read my book. The hours drift by, and I eventually head to bed. It takes me a bit before I nod off. I'm awoken in the middle of the night feeling like someone is standing over me. I look up to see a figure standing there watching me stroking himself. I feel like it's him returning to me so I roll onto my back letting him see me. He watches for a few seconds before he climbs between my legs. I moan as his cock enters my puss. He fucks me slowly and deliberately. It feels so nice. I love feeling him deep inside of me.
He takes his time, and it works me up good. He kisses and lick my breasts and nipples adding to the moment. I am slowly brought to an orgasm, and he keeps going. A second orgasm follows a short while later. His pace neither quickens nor slows. It's very robotic in a way. By the time a third orgasm takes me I feel him hold inside of me filling me with his cum. I rub the back of his head as we come down together. He cock still buried deep inside of me. I don't want him to move. But once he goes down he gets up,
I watch as he walks out of the room, and then hear the door close behind him. I'm left laying there alone, but well fucked. I fall fast asleep not waking until the morning. Then I'm awoken by a loud pounding on the door. I get up wrapping myself in the blanket to answer the door, and I'm met in the hallway by a cop pointing a gun at me. He screams at me to put my hands up, and the blanket drops when I do. He then grabs me by my wrist pulling me behind him as he and another cop search the house.
"What's going on? Why are to in my house?" I ask as the give the all clear on their radios.
"There was a report of a known wanted criminal here. Do you know this man?"
He shows me the same picture the neighbor showed me.
"No. Now can I have my privacy, or at least my blanket?"
"Sorry." He says as his partner hands me my blanket. "This man is very dangerous, and we have two eye witnesses placing him here over the last few days. You are in danger, and you shouldn't try to protect him."
"Yes I had a guy here, but it wasn't him."
"Can we contact this person?"
"I don't know how. He contacts me when he wants to see me."
"You really need to be careful. This guy is bad news. If he comes back let us know. Just call 9, and lock your doors."
"Comes back? Like he was here? Seriously?"
"Just call if you see him. Sorry about the intrusion."
I watch them see themselves out, and then I look out the door to see my neighbors watching.
"See. I told you both that it wasn't him. Now get your noses back in your own business."
The cops look at them, and then at me. They shake their heads, and drive away. The neighbors keep staring as I drop my blanket, and slowly close the door behind me. I sit back for a moment before I go pee. Then I sit down to read my book. It's seven in the morning, but I'm too wound up to go back to bed. Around seven thirty I hear my phone make a strange chime. I pick it up to see a message. I open it only to be taken to the web site that he started for me. I read the message.
"I think you're sexy, and I'm willing to trade for anything you need."
"What are you trading for?" I ask.
"Just a few minutes of your time."
"And what is going to happen in those few minutes?"
"We'll see when the time comes. What is it that you need?"
"I need a lot of things. in my truck, some new clothes, or some groceries in the cupboard."
"I can give you something to help with all of those."
"Now, back to what will happen?"
Then he stops messaging. I give him five minutes, and then I return to my book. Over an hour later my phone chimes again. I look at it, and it's a message from that guy giving me an telling me to show up to find out. I ask when, and he says now is good. I figure what the hell, I'll check it out.
I open my suitcase to find just the outfit he bought me laying there. I slip them on, and head to the . It takes me some time, but I eventually find it since it's way out in nowhere. It turns out to be a rather large A- frame house with big windows and a three car garage. I walk up to the door and ring the bell. Waiting a few minutes I ring it again. Then I wait again before beginning back to my truck. The door opens as I turn around, and I hear a deep voice asking me what I want?
"I was supposed to meet a guy that goes by Gene here." I say to the thirty something man in the door.
"Oh God. Dad, it's for you." He shouts back into the house.
A wiry silver haired man comes hurrying to the door opening it, and inviting me in.
"I'm glad you showed up. Good morning, and happy to see you and such." He says as he walks all around the room fiddling with things.
"So, why am I here?" I ask watching the man in the other room watch football on TV.
He's a bigger guy. Not tall, but not fat either. He has short dark brown hair, and a beard and mustache to match. The old guy just keeps fiddling around so I ask again.
"Why am I here?"
"What's that? Oh, right. Give me a minute would you please?"
I figure he must be searching for his Viagra or something so I just stand there waiting. After about ten minutes I get his attention.
"I could be elsewhere you know?"
"You could be, but then you'd be missing out."
"On standing here?"
"There it is!" He exclaims before running up to me. "Come, come now. Follow me."
I follow him to the back of the house, and down a set of stairs to the basement. He unlocks the door at the end of the hallway, and tells me to knock when I'm done as he shoves me through the door. I hear the door click locked behind me. Turning around I see a dimly lit hall with a single door at the end. I walk down to the door an push it open. On the other side I see the man sitting on a bed watching TV.
"How did you get down here?" I ask confused.
He doesn't look away from the program. I walk in, and see that he's watching a porn movie. He doesn't even notice me, and it's chilling.
"Is it a good show?" I ask trying to get a response.
Still nothing so I sit on the edge of the bed. I watch the porn with him, and it's a good one that gets my mind racing. We watch all the way to the end, and then he slowly turns his head to look at me. He has a half smile on his face, and it freaks me out. I look down at his lap to see that he has his dick out, and he's ready to go.
"Do you want some help with that?" I ask turning toward him.
He just stares at me holding his dick.
"Okay, I think I'm going to get going now." I say as I turn to get up.
Then I feel him jump on me from behind. He knocks me to the floor, and then tosses me back up on the bed on my stomach. I feel him yank the string out from between my cheeks and jump on top of me. He uses his feet to open my legs, and then he slides right into me since I'm wet from watching the movie. He fucks me fast. His cock pulls all the way out of me before he slams it back in. After a few pushes I feel him slip into my ass. He fucks that a while the same way. Then it slips back down into my vagina.
He's grunting and groaning on top of me as he pins me to the bed. I have to admit the pleasure of it. In five or so minutes he pulls out finishing in my ass crack, and on the small of my back. Then he hops off of me, and sits there watching TV again. I'm taken aback. I look at him wondering what the hell just happened for a minute. Then I get up, and head for the door with my skirt still up, and the string pulled around my ass cheek. I knock on the hall door, and the old man opens it up smiling.
He leads me back up the stairs after locking the door behind me. Pointing out the bathroom I go to clean up the rather large mess in my butt. When I come out the old man hands me five hundred dollars. I take it, and look as the man sits there watching football and eating chips.
"Come back in a month for another payout?"
"We'll see about that."
I get in the truck, and I drive to the nearest department store to clothes that aren't so attention getting. And the looks I got when I bought them. I went for some early supper, and then went back to the cabin. When I got inside I sat on the couch feeling proud of myself. Then I think of the fucked up thing that just happened. I go to change into my new clothes, and when I open my suitcase to put the sexy outfit in I see a large rubber dick laying there with a note that say for me to take care, and good bye. I begin to hate myself for not being home when he returned. I look it over before packing everything up. I clean the cabin good, and then sit not wanting to go home.
My phone chirps another message from the site. It's an invitation to a biker party at a local bar. I decline the invitation even though I want to do it. I think about going back to my same boring life, and how I was always so frustrated all the time. I was unhappy. I opened the message and replied.
"How many, and how much?"
"25, and a hundred each."
He gives me the of the bar, and I put on my sexy outfit before heading there.
"One last one." I say to myself as I pull in.
The Tresspasser
Posted:Nov 10, 2018 8:27 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 9:46 am

I'm going to try to post it all at once, but no guarantees.

When I'm at my cabin alone I like to stay naked. It's not like people really want to see my 44 year old obese body anyway, but I'm more comfortable without the confines of clothes. My husband allows it when the kids aren't around so that almost never even though they walk in and out of the bathroom while I'm in there. They'll even pick the lock when I'm in the shower so they can go to the bathroom instead of waiting until I'm done. Then if I walk around in my underwear they say that it's gross, and tell me to get dressed. My husband on the other hand I don't think even notices if I'm there or not most of the time. Let alone dressed or not.
Anyhow, one day I got to the cabin really late, or early depending on how you look at it. It was 3 AM. I unloaded the truck, and put the groceries away for the week. I turned on the heat and the water pump before turning in looking forward to some peace and naked quiet. I slept until ten, and then got up, checked the weather channel, and stripped naked with a good book. I didn't move unless I had to pee or get a drink. Around two I happened to look out the window on a trip to get a drink, and I could have sworn I saw someone way back in the woods. It was quick, but it made me wonder.
I decide to check it out since it's a relatively warm day in the upper forties out someone may be walking around, but they're on my property and need to vacate. I slip on a pair of jogging pants, my slippers, and a zip up sweatshirt. Grabbing the 38 in case it was a bear I head to the back clearing. It takes a few minutes to make the half mile hike along the trail, and I get rather angry when it comes into view.
Right in the middle of the clearing is a small tent with a make shift firepit in front of it. I walk up to check it out, and tap on the nylon door. Nobody answers so I look inside. It's empty except for one sleeping bag and a small lamp. I shout out for someone to answer me as I stand up looking around. The next thing I know something is being held over my face from behind, and my world goes black.
When I come to It's still black. I feel a rug under my feet, and I feel like I'm being stretched with my arms straight out with a slight upward angle. There is something tight around my wrists holding them still, and something is tight around my ankles keeping my legs spread apart. I feel a hard bar or something pressing against my hips putting me in a bent position. Something is in my mouth that is very hard and wide. It's keeping my jaw open, and holding my tongue down. It feels like I'm naked, but I can't tell because I'm so groggy that I'm barely lucent.
I hear footsteps walk up on my left side. Then silence for a few seconds. The jiggling of a belt breaks the silence. I prepare to be taken by this stranger as I hear the belt jiggle. I shake my head pleading for him not to do what he's going to do. My pleas muffled by the gag in my mouth. Then silence. It seems like time slows, and I hope he's having second thoughts.
The quiet is broken by the belt land square across my ass. I moan against the gag as another swat comes down on my. He's beating my ass hard with the belt making it burn and ache. My tears run down my face after the sixth swat, but he keeps going until I've counted ten swats. Then silence once more.
A few seconds, or minutes, I couldn't tell, I feel the belt land on the top of my left breast just above my areola. It hurt even more than when he swatted my ass. He gave me five hard swats covering my left breast before doing the same with the right one. My chest and ass are on fire as the silence returns. My head is spinning too much, and I pass out.
When I come to I'm still bent over, and it's dead quiet. I struggle to get free, but I can barely move at all. I hear a squeak from behind me like someone getting out of a chair, and then I feel something warm and hard slowly pushing between my butt cheeks. It stops when it's pressed firmly against my asshole, and I again plead and shake my head.
My pleas are answered by hands grabbing my hips firmly, and it plunging into my ass. I scream against the gag as I feel hips slam against my ass cheeks. My hole is on fire, and feels like it's being torn to shreds. He fucks my ass hard slamming into me every time making my entire body shake. My legs quiver from the pain as his cock uses me roughly. It seems to take forever before he slams into me on final time before filling my rectum with his cum. I can feel him throbbing as the heat builds inside of my guts. then I feel something over my face again, and it all goes black once more.
When I come to I am on my back with my legs spread high and wide. My arms are stretched out over my head, and I feel ropes around my belly holding me to whatever I'm on. The gag in my mouth seems bigger and longer. It's gagging me slightly now as it holds my jaw wide open. It is again silent for a while before I feel finger tips gently caressing along the back of my left leg. They move from my knee up to run along side of my labia, up over my belly, and around my areola. I get chills and goose bumps. I feel my nipples turn rock hard, and feel my crotch heat up. He traces over to my right side working his way back down ever so slowly and deliberate.
I hear him move between my legs, but whatever is over my eyes is keeping me from seeing. I feel all of his finger tips on the backs of my knees, and slowly he moves them down toward my crotch. I hear a moan escape me as my body comes alive from the teasing. I feel my pussy flush as the fingers touch along the sides of it, and I'm sure he could see how wet I am. Then he stops leaving me ready to go. I listen to the silence for a minute.
It's broken when the belt cuts across my crotch landing right on my pubic hair and grazing my excited clitoris. I scream in agony, but it's silenced by the gag. The next swat hit me on my inner thigh on the right side just missing my labia. Then the left, my pubic area again, and a hard one square across my labia. I scream and try to wiggle, but I'm tied and gagged way too well. He repeats the cycle once more only harder before he stops. Then I hear him walk out closing the door behind himself. I lay there sobbing as my bottom end burns. Trying again to break free I just exhaust myself more. I again pass out.
I am awoken by the cold breeze coming from the open door. I hear it close, and then hear foot steps walk up beside me. I really have to pee so I try to tell him. The gag keeps me from being understood. I hear a match ignite, and then feel something drip onto my chest burning my skin. then another drip, and another. I know this feeling. Candle wax. He drips between my breasts before moving the dripping up around my right breast in a circular pattern until I feel it hit my nipple. I wince as it burns my really sensitive nipple, but I don't move much with the bindings. He drips the wax on my nipple until it's covered, and then I feel the drips again between my breasts before he does the same with my left breast.
When he finishes with my boobs I feel the dripping again between my breasts, but this time he moves down over my stomach letting it drip all over my pubic hair until I feel it run down over my pussy. It burns a lot down there, and when it covers my asshole I know that my crotch is thoroughly waxed. My skin feels like it can melt the wax now, but feeling the wax tightening as it dries to my skin and around my nipples is turning me on.
It's silent for a few minutes before I feel the belt come down across my crotch once more. I moan against the gag as the pain takes me. Then another swat followed by another. He's not hitting anywhere else. I lose count as how many times he hit me. It was more than ten, and now I really have to pee. It's hurting my bladder trying to hold it. I try to think of a way to tell him, but aside from moaning against the gag it's useless.
I feel his cock slam into my asshole again, and he fucks me hard ramming it home with every thrust. My bladder can't take it, and I begin to leak out seconds before he rams it home one final time. As he fills my bowels with his cum my bladder lets go, and I pee all over him. He doesn't pull his dick out until I'm done, and then I hear him wiping himself off. I then feel my binds loosen, and then I am pulled onto the floor which I land on hard hurting my knees. The gag is removed as he holds me still.
He grabs my head, and shoves his dick into my mouth. He holds me tight by my hair, and then I feel a warm stream filling my mouth. He holds my face tight to his body so I have to try to swallow as he pees in my mouth. I gag at the acrid taste, and try to not vomit as my belly is filled with urine. He's too strong so I can't break away. When he finally lets me go I cough and gag on the floor. He uses his foot to lay me on my back and spread my legs. Then I feel him kick my right in the crotch hard. I roll around in pain curling up into the fetal position crying my eyes out.
After a minute or two he yanks me to my feet by my hair, he puts the gag back in my mouth, and ties my hands behind my back. He kicks me in the ass pushing me forward. Then he does it again and again until I hear a door open in front of me. I'm pushed out into the cold, and then repeatedly kicked in my ass pushing me out into the woods. I can feel the cold leaves on my bare feet, and the cold breeze across my naked body. Just the heat from my abuse is keeping me warm.
After a few minutes of walking he unties my hands, and ties me spread eagle so I'm standing with my legs wide apart. I hear him fumbling, and moving things around as the cold night chills me. After a long while I hear him walk up in front of me. Then I feel something tighten around my neck. I figure that this is it for me now. He's going to hang me out here in the woods, and nobody will ever know. Then he unties me letting me stand. I hear a click seconds before feeling myself being tugged along by my neck. I reach for it, and it feels like a leash. He collared me like a .
I get his boot across my crotch again dropping me to my knees, and he takes the opportunity to retie my hands behind my back. Pulling me back to my feet by my hair he yanks me along as we walk through the woods. Eventually we're back in the warmth of a house, and I'm glad for that. He makes me kneel with my ass up off the ground as he unhooks the leash. I then feel something tighten on my left nipple. It pinches so hard. Then on my right nipple. I hear a soft click, and then feel my right nipple pull downward. Another click, and the left on follows suit.
I kneel there feeling my legs beginning to tremble. I hear a lot of movement, and a lot of clicking. Then I feel the belt come down across my chest spanking my breasts one at a time starting with my right one. I counted fifty swats on each breast, and every swat was between my shoulders and nipples. Then it gets silent again. The seconds slowly slip by before I hear him move.
I feel him wedge something tight to my asshole. I know he's watched me shaking and fighting to stay kneeling like this so maybe it'll help me stay up? My legs really do ache. I feel myself lower down, and whatever it is poking hard against my sore hole. I don't feel my legs after a while. Instead I only feel the object opening my ass as I lose the battle to stay upright. It opens me wider and wider as I slowly drop lower. I perk back up, but it's short lived.
My legs begin to tremble and shake for a few minutes before they give out, and I am slowly impaled by the object under me as my muscles give in. I feel it slip into my ass opening me wide, and stretching my poor hole painfully. I hear a giggle from him as I cry. I then hear a whooshing sound like a pump being pumped. I feel the object getting bigger inside of me. I moan against the gag as my asshole gets stretched wider and wider. I feel like I'm going to pass out before I feel it deflate. It pops right out of me, and my ass quivers as it tries to clamp shut unsuccessfully.
I lifted by my hair, and tossed with my back to the couch. I feel the gag remove, and before I can close my jaw he shoves his dick in my mouth. He's rock hard, and pushes it as deep into my mouth as he can gagging me. His fingers entwined in my hair gives him full control as he savagely fucks my face. I can't breathe, and I'm trying not to puke as he forces it down my throat. I almost pass out before he finishes, but he lets me catch my breath before continuing. It's only a few moments later that he shoves it deep pulling my face tight to him, and then I feel it shooting down my throat. this time the room actually goes dark as I pass out. He tosses me to the side just as I'm going over.
When I come to my arms are tied behind my back so my forearms are crossed, I am laying on my stomach, and my legs and body is tied tight bending me over a table or something. The gag is back in my mouth, and all I taste is his cum. The room is quiet. I lay there unable to move. The time slowly ticks by, and I feel my body aching all over. The pinching and pulling on my nipples is gone so that's a good thing. It try to think of a way to get free as I hear the door open.
He walks right up behind me, and I feel his cold fingers grab my labia on the right side. He pulls it hard stretching it before pulling it to the side. Then I feel a pinch. It stays open as he repeats with my left labia. Pulling, stretching, and then pinch. I can feel the cold permeating from him inside of my vagina since it's being held wide open. He stands there behind me for a bit, and then I feel his dick slide into my vagina. He slams it home even though I'm not very ready. He fucks me so hard that I feel the clamps pull from my skin and drop to the floor. He fucks me for a few minutes before Slamming it deep.
I feel him twitching inside of me as my womb fills with a warmth. I think about how I stopped taking my birth control since my husband didn't want sex anyway, and I realize that it was a mistake. He pushes it trying to get deeper, but he's all the way in. When he pulls out I hear him sit in the chair, and begin to snore. I struggle to free myself to no avail so I just lay there feeling his cum leak out of me trickling down my leg eventually dozing off myself.
I am woken up by a swat on my ass. I am untied, but still have the gag, collar, and blinder on. He slowly stands me up onto my shaky legs, and then leads me to the chair where he sits me down. I feel him caress my hair and face lovingly, and then he sits beside me. The TV turns on, and I soon hear the sounds of sex filling the room. Listening to it makes me hot, and I can't help but to flush with desire. It's not long before I feel his hands on my chest playing with my sore nipples. They feel so sensitive.
His hand moves down to my butt where he lifts wanting me to lift up. I obey fearing the punishment. He pulls me toward him, and I am soon straddling his lap facing away from him. I feel the gag loosen, and then drop away. Then I feel him lift his dick sliding the head between my wet lips. He gently pulls my hair coaxing me down onto him. I moan as his cock parts my vaginal walls. I am quickly on him, and I slowly begin to fuck. It feels so nice. He rubs my back and ass as I ride him. I listen to the sounds on the TV as well as my own moans.
He moves me gently setting my pace, and it's a slow one. It's almost too slow. I feel the need to orgasm, and I want it now. Yet I can't disobey. Up and down I feel him inside of me. He's so hard that it seems unnatural. I feel his hands on my back rubbing, and caressing. I fuck him for a long time as he watches the movie. I even hear it end and he's still not letting me go any faster. It's just fast enough to keep me there, but not take me over the edge.
"Fuck me harder." I moan wanting.
He ignores me.
"Please fuck me harder. I need to cum."
Again he ignores me.
"Please let me cum on your cock? Please?" I beg.
I feel him reach under me spreading my labia as I lower myself onto his cock. It goes deeper, and he holds me still moving my hips in a circle as he pushes up from below. I moan in delight. He lifts me up before pulling me back down hard.
"Yes! God YES!" I moan.
After four or five times he holds me tight again grinding deep, and I hear him grunt under his breath. I feel his cock twitching in me again, and the warm goo filling my womb. We stay tight for a few minutes before he pushes me to the side. My orgasm long gone, and I'm left wanting. He grabs my hand pulling toward him again, but this time he pulls my head down to his lap. I smell the cum and sex so I know what he wants. I stick my tongue out, and it sticks right into a gob of semen. I lap it up, and clean his entire crotch including his balls. He's quite hairy down there so I get a couple in my mouth too. When he's done he pulls me off.
"I don't care if you cum." He says breaking the silence surprising me. "You're just a bitch, and all bitches are here to serve. I will do what I want when I want to you because you don't matter. You'll soon understand that, and you'll do as you're told. So far you're impressing me. Keep it up, and you'll be rewarded. Understand?"
"Good. First rule is that you shut the fuck up unless I tell you that you can say something. Then you will say what I tell you. Second rule is that you belong to me. You will do as I say no matter what. Got those?"
I nod my head not talking.
"You learn fast. If I take the blindfold off you your eyes will look down at all times. If I catch you looking anywhere else you'll regret it. You'll be treated like the subhuman useless pile of fat that you are, and you'll thank me for it. Got all that?"
I again nod my head.
"Good." He says taking the blindfold off.
The light hurts my eyes so I close them right away. Then I try to let them adjust as I look at the floor.
"Down bitch. You're not allowed on the furniture."
I get down sitting on the floor.
"Do you have to pee?"
I nod.
"Let's go then."
He makes me crawl to the door, and then hooks the tie out to my collar before opening the door. I crawl outside and down the porch. He watches me from the porch, and I see the neighbor across the road out in his yard. I feel so ashamed. I go to the front of the porch, and spread my legs before letting my bladder empty. Then I crawl back to him.
"Good bitch." He says petting my head. "Next time you pee there." He points to the middle of the gravel drive in full view of everyone.
He brings me inside, and tells me to sit by his legs as he watches TV. He occasionally pets my head, and then realizes that I haven't eaten or drank anything since he took me. He puts water in the bowl, and makes me lap it up. Then he tosses me a peanut butter sandwich. I'm not allowed to use my hands, but I get it down.
A few hours later I again have to pee. I crawl to the door, and beg like a . He hooks me up letting me out again. The neighbor is still out, and watches closely. I crawl to the middle of the drive, and spread my legs to pee.
"Turn around bitch. I don't want to see that."
I turn so my ass is facing the neighbor, and again spread my legs. I have to push the pee out, but once it starts it flows free. It seemed like it was never going to end, but it felt nice when it did. I crawl back up to him, and he just stands there. I sit by his feet waiting to go in, and he pets my head.
"What's going on here?" I hear from behind me by the steps shocking me.
"Nothing you need to worry about."
"You have a naked girl here, and you're treating her like an animal. That's not right."
"She's doing what she likes, right girl? Tell the man how much you like this."
"I love it. I crave to be treated like an animal." I say to the deck below me.
"See, she's happy."
"That just isn't right making a woman go to the bathroom in the yard."
"I figured you liked it the first time so I'd let you see it again."
"Are you really okay young lady? Tell me if you need help."
"Answer him."
"I'm good sir."
"You treat her like she's your property or something."
"That's because she is. Right darling?"
"I'm belong to you." I coo as he pets my head.
"You people are crazy."
"Really. You wouldn't like to own something like this? To be able to have it obey your every command? I bet you'd for the opportunity."
"I wouldn't for it, but I do wish my wife would listen better sometimes." the neighbor laughs.
"Turn around , and spread for the nice man. He's concerned about you so show him that you're all good except for a few playful bruises."
I turn facing the stairs looking down, and I sit back spreading my legs wide for the neighbor to look at me.
"Does it look as good as your wife's?"
I honestly feel myself moisten even though I'm embarrassed at him looking me over.
"She looks really nice, but my wife is pretty good too. Those bruises look more than just playful."
"Well, she likes to play rough. If you ever want to take it for a ride let me know."
"You're kidding me?"
"Nope. My pet would love it. Right pet?"
I nod my head even though I disagree. they say their good byes, and then he opens the door for me to crawl back into the house. Once inside he makes me sit by the door as he pulls out a black duffle bag. His back is to me so I look to see a man with short gray hair about six foot tall, He looks chubby but not fat, and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. I see him pulling things out of the bag laying them on the table. After he finishes he turns back to me.
"Pick one."
I look up at the table standing for the first time in hours. I see a bull whip, a riding whip, a riding crop, a cat o nine tails, a thick leather belt, and paddles made of wood, leather, and rubber. I don't know which one to pick. I don't want any of them.
"Pick now, or I'll pick for you."
I grab the rubber paddle handing it to him.
"When you hand me one of these you will put it in your mouth with your hands behind you back, and you'll kneel in front of me. Got it?"
I nod.
"Good. This is for your daily reminder. Because you've been so good I'll let you choose where the ten reminders will go. Tell me where you want them."
"My butt please." I say figuring that would hurt the least.
"Very well. Get on your knees, spread your legs as wide as you can, and lay your tits on the floor with your hand behind your back. You will count out loud, but if you lose count we start again."
The first swat lands hard. I clench my teeth groaning as I count. The second swat lands harder, but I manage the count. The third one grazes my butt hole making me recoil before I catch myself. I keep the count even though it takes a few seconds. The next five are placed all over my ass cheeks, and then the last two are on the backs of my legs smacking my labia. It hurts, but I manage the count.
"Good bitch. Since you tried to jump away from me once tomorrow I'm choosing the tool, and this one is used up for now."
He tossed the paddle back into the bag, and goes to sit on the couch. The TV pops on, and he puts in a DVD. He points to his feet telling me to sit by him just as he starts the show. I sit more on my hip than my ass since it's in pain, and I watch the TV with him. It's another porn, but this time I can see it. There's not much plot besides a housewife being bored. I can relate to that. It looks homemade, and the woman is no model. She's not as big as me, but not far off. She is blond with huge boobs that are popping out of her top. Here comes the plumber.
We watch as she fucks the plumber, then his helper, then both at once. She goes on the fuck the neighbor girl, and her husband before being taken by the lawn crew. I am really wet from watching, and I wish I wouldn't get like this. I can feel my wetness drip onto my foot that's under me holding my butt off the hard floor. The DVD goes to the bonus footage screen, and I feel him stand up next to me. I see his pants hit the floor before he sits on the edge of the couch.
"Get on your hands and knees bitch. Now back that fat ass up to me."
I back up feeling his dick sliding into my asshole as he plays the extras. The Tv flickers, and I see the woman sitting on her couch reading as a couple of guys rush around the corner. They yank her up, ripping her clothes off except for her panties. I move back and forth rocking on the dick in my ass. They make he suck them until they're hard, and then yank her panties up her ass until they rip off. She is tossed over the arm of the couch, and the first guy rams into her pussy fucking her hard and fast. The second guy makes her suck him while she's being fucked.
He grabs my hips moving me a bit faster, but still with a slow rhythmic tempo. I watch as the first guy cums deep inside of her before pulling out. It shows his cum leaking out just as the second guy appears. He uses the dribble leaking out of her to lube her ass, and shoves it deep making her tense. The first guy then makes her suck his half hard dick as her ass gets ravaged. Her grunts and groans muffled by the dick, and her body shaking as they use her.
My own ass is being ravaged too, but not as fast or hard. The pace has quickened though, and I can feel it deep in my pussy for some reason. I watch as the second guy finishes in her ass, and the first guy puts a second load in her mouth. Then they leave her there panting and messy. Then another scene opens. This is a different girl. She looks a lot like me. Same hair color and everything. She's walking along when a big black man pops out behind her. He covers her mouth dragging her to an old building where he rips her clothes off.
I feel the pressure inside of my womb grow as the scene unfolds, and feeling the cock moving in and out of my ass is feeling really good. He pinches her nipples hard, and uses them to lift and shake her boobs. Then three more guys comes into the scene. They all begin to grope her, and poke their fingers into her puss. She struggles, but they're way too much for her. She's tossed down, and her legs are forced open as the main guy kneels between them. He pulls out a huge black cock, and she fills with fear.
I feel myself slowly nearing an orgasmic high as he paces himself in my ass. Watching this movie is really making me horny. He points it at her vagina, and wets the tip with spit before plunging it in. She screams as I watch every last inch disappear into her. Then another guy pulls out his rather large black cock, and makes her suck on it. The third guy joining the second, and the all use her for a few minutes before one lays down pulling her on top of him. The main guy then rams his cock up her ass. I even see a drop of blood as he buries all the way in. they make her ride them for a bit before the third guy takes her mouth again.
His pace is getting faster, but I'm like almost there myself so I don't care. Between the movie and him in my ass I just need to finish. The guy in her mouth grunts as he makes her swallow it all down. Shortly after the guy under her moans as the camera shows his cum begin to leak out as he pumps it into her. Then the main guy picks her up without even pulling out, and tosses her over a crumbling brick wall. He rams every inch deep into her ass pinning her to the wall until he shoves it deep picking her up with his cock. Well, making her stand on her tiptoes. He pull out of her ass, and the camera focuses on the cum leaking from her fucked holes.
His pace is much faster now, and I'm pushing back to make myself finish. I can feel his dick deep inside of me as his hips slap my ass. I am almost there. I feel his grip on the tops of my ass cheeks tighten, and then I hear him groan. I keep moving back and forth as my insides begin to warm from his cum. I'm so close too. Just a little more. He shakes and moans a few times before pushing me off. Damn. Left wanting again.
"Take out the disk, and clean me up."
I remove the movie, and then kneel in front of him. His dick looks wet and smells like cum and ass. I don't see any poop so that's a good thing. I take him in my mouth, and suck the drippings from his shrinking cock. Then when he's limp he tells me to sit again. After a while I have to pee so he lets me out. I also feel like I have to poop so I squat with my ass pointing down and my feet wide apart. He grabs a shovel, and holds it under me as I relax my ass. I hear it land with a splat telling me that it's more semen than anything. I then pee, and he brings me in to the bathroom.
He makes me shower in cold water watching the entire time. Then when I'm done it's back to the floor for me. We watch TV until late, and then he brings me to the bedroom. I have all of my things set out, and he looks through them picking out my bras and underwear. Then he tosses my suitcase across the room.
"Kneel. Hands behind your back."
I do as he says, and he ties my hands behind my back before tying my ankles together. Then the ties me to the bedframe using rope and the leash. I barely have enough freedom to lay on the floor as he commands. Then he climbs into my bed under my covers, and begins to snore. I try to work the knots open, but I can't so I just lay there until I fall asleep.
In the morning I have to pee really bad, but he makes me wait until he finishes before he lets me go. I see the neighbor out again, but I have to go. I crawl down to the middle of the drive, and face my ass to the neighbor before letting it go. It feels damn nice. It takes a while before the last drops trickle out, and by the time I crawl back to the porch the neighbor is right behind me.
"Do you seriously have to do that every day?"
"You pee everyday." He says as I sit by his feet.
"Not outside like a ."
"Why look if you don't like it?"
"A guy can't help it. She has a rather attention getting ass."
"So you like watching? I'll call you over next time then. Let's go in the house."
He opens the door leaving the neighbor standing there speechless. I crawl in, and he walks in behind me. He fills my water bowl, and makes me drink it all down before filling it again. Then he makes something to eat, and feeds me another peanut butter sandwich. We watch TV for a short while before he makes me drink again. Every twenty minutes or so he makes me drink the entire bowl of water. After an hour I'm so bloated that I'm ready to puke.
Then after a couple of hours I have to pee really bad. He hooks me to the lead, but doesn't let me go. Instead he holds it short as we go out the door. I really have to go, and I don't know what he's waiting for as he stands on the porch making me sit by him. I start to whine like a would to let him know the urgency, but he tells me to shut up. then I see the neighbor walk out of his garage.
"Come here a sec, would ya?"
The neighbor walks over, and then stands at the end of the steps.
"I told you I'd call you over when my bitch had to go. It's time."
He nudges me with his foot, and I crawl down past the neighbor to my spot. The neighbor stays close behind me, and watches as I spread me legs letting loose. He's watched enough from across the road that I don't even want to hide or feel embarrassed. I finish and return to the porch sitting back by his feet.
"Just remember that if you want more just let me know."
"More? Like what?"
"Anything you want. I'm sure you can figure that out."
"So if I said I wanted to pinch her nipples?"
"Bitch, go"
I crawl down the steps, and kneel offering my chest to him. He reaches down, and pinches both of my nipples hard for a long time.
"Enough. Back bitch."
I pull my nipples from his grabs to return to my place.
"What's with all the bruises though? I know you said playing, but that a bit more than play."
"She's a pain slut, and she likes it rough. Every day she get ten reminders to know her place. That's coming up soon. Maybe we'll let you watch if you'd like."
"Reminders, huh? I don't know if I want to be part of that."
"Suit yourself. Later."
He opens the door, and we again watch TV for about a half hour before he announces that it's reminder time.
"Today you will not only count you will also thank me and ask for it harder. You will announce to the world how much of a useless slut you are, and how you are only good for serving men."
He then hooks the leash to my collar, and grabs the bull whip before leading me out the front door. When we get to the tree in the front he tosses a rope over a thick branch, and ties one end to my wrists. He uses the other end to hoist me up to my tiptoes so I'm facing the neighbor's house across the road. The neighbor walks out, and makes a bee line right to us. He stands to the side, and I feel the whip crack across my back.
"One sir. Thank you, but a slut like me deserves it harder."
"Two sir. I'm so useless please hit me harder." I say as the second one cuts over the top of my ass.
"Three sir. Please hit my whore ass harder. It's all I'm good for." I say as it cuts right across my ass.
"Four sir." I say choking back the pain and tears as it lands across the backs of my legs. "Please whip my no good body harder."
"Five sir." I moan through clenched teeth as it cuts again across my back between my shoulder blades. "I'm only good to men so please beat me harder."
"See. She's loving it. Play time." He says to the neighbor as he walks in front of me.
The whip comes down right across both of my nipples making me cry out before I answer him. "Six sir. Please beat my floppy fat tits harder."
"Seven sir." I moan as the whip slashes across the front of my legs and across my pubic area. "Harder please. I deserve no less"
"Eight sir. Please whip the useless slut out of me harder." I say feeling it across my stomach.
"Nine sir." I moan in extreme pain as it cracks right across my right nipple. "Harder please. Whip me harder. I'm useless." I pant.
The last one cracks right on my left nipple with precision. It hurts so bad, but I manage to finish the count.
"Ten sir. Thank you for making use of me. I'm yours to command. Please whip me harder next time."
He stands by the neighbor again, and hands him the whip.
"Oh no, I couldn't."
"I'll just walk away, and you can do with her what you want. Holler if you need anything."
I see out of the corner of my blurry eye as my owner walks into the house. The neighbor just stands there for a few seconds before walking up to me.
"So you like this kind of shit, huh?'
I know he's watching so I don't answer.
"It's a shame to beat such a nice soft body."
I feel his fingers touch my left nipple making me jump as it stings.
"I have no idea hoe to use one of these things, but since you like it I'll give it a try."
I want to tell him that I hate it, but if I talk I'll really be in trouble. I watch as he steps out in front of me, and then feel the whip barely hit me across my belly. The next one wraps around my left hip cracking on my ass making me jump. Then it's another one that barely makes it to my, but taps my belly.
"I heard it's all in the wrist. I'll try that."
Then I feel it crack right against my pubic mound making me shake in pain. Two more miss me, but crack right in front of me. Then he moves behind me. I feel the whip curl around my right side, and crack against the side of my boob. Then right on the crack of my ass at the top. Two more along my spine before another one curls around my right side cracking right under my nipple. He whips me all over. Some cracking, and some are duds. I'm relieved when I hear my owner's voice.
"Having fun?"
"It takes some getting used to, and it's really a work out."
"Well, I think we've had enough practice for today. What do you say to the nice man?"
"Thank you for whipping me sir." I say quietly.
"Maybe tomorrow I'll let you have all ten reminders. Sound like fun?"
"I think I could do that."
"If you want anything else let me know. I have to go attend to my fat bitch hanging in the tree."
I watch him walk home as the rope lowers me to the ground. The welts burn when I move, but he just attaches the leash and drags me in. He makes me kneel on my knees in front of the TV, and then I feel him put cream on my wounds. It stings at first, but it cools them quickly.
"You're such a good fat cow. Much better than my last one. I think I may just keep you for a while. How does that sound?"
"Thank you sir."
"Go make us some bacon and eggs. You can eat normally tonight."
I go to the kitchen, and make what he asks. The grease pops and jumps burning my boobs and belly as I cook. The heat irritates my welts, and I just want the pain to stop. I serve him at the table, and sit on the floor to eat mine. He tells me to sit at the table so I do. He eats fast, and I barely finish before I have to pee again.
I crawl to the door, and wait. He lets me out just as a UTV is turning around in the yard. Four teenagers stop, and watch as I crawl out the door. I stop when I see them,
"Hurry up bitch." He commands.
I crawl down the stairs to the middle of the driveway which is not even five feet from them. I hear them laugh as I turn my ass toward the road giving them a full view. They like the view as I open my legs by the sounds of it, and then I start to go. I hear one of them saying the old I told you so, but they for the most part seem to like the show. Then when I finish I return to the house.
"When's the next show?" One shouts.
"The next time she has to go dumbass." He answers closing the door behind us.
I barely sit down when there's a knock at the door. He answers it, and I hear the neighbor's voice. He lets him in, and The neighbor sit in the chair behind me while my owner sits on the couch in front of me.
"So what is your dilemma that you asked to talk?"
"You said that this is all fun for her, but I can't figure out how." The neighbor answers.
"It's like when you first fuck a bitch. She bleeds and hurts, but after a few times she starts to like it. Kind of the same only she still bleeds sometimes."
"So she gets off on all pain? What about pleasure?"
"I think she wouldn't get anything out of sensuality anymore. Not that she deserves it anyway." He says petting my head.
"How do you get her to listen so well?"
"She wants to please me so she'll do as I say. Watch."
He pulls up a wooden stool, and places a pack of brass thumb tacks on the seat pointing up. then he sits back down petting my head again.
"Bitch, sit your fat ass on that chair." He commands.
Reluctantly I stand up walking to the chair, and then I step on the foot rail as I turn my ass to the tacks. I lower myself down feeling them biting into my ass cheeks burning as they poke me.
"I can't believe that."
"Believe it. As a matter of fact go sit on her lap. Lean back and make room cow."
I lean back as he quickly plops down on my lap pressing the tacks deeper into my ass.
"You have her trained good." He says bouncing.
"She one of the better ones."
"I should have you train my wife."
"I only train one at a time, but if want to borrow it for a bit I'd allow it under certain conditions."
"Really?" He asks getting off me. "Like what?"
"Depends on what you want to borrow it for."
"I can think of a few things."
"Well then take into the back bedroom, and take care of those few things."
"Bitch. Go."
I stand up taking him by the hand, and I lead him down the hall to the bedroom. I close the door behind us, and stand there looking at his feet.
"I want you to suck my dick."
I drop to my knees, and unzip his trousers. Reaching in I pull out his old shrivelled dick. I take it in my mouth sucking it giving him a meager halfhearted blow job. He rises to the occasion, and I see that he's about as big as my husband but twice as thick with a big mushroom head topping it off. He steps out of his clothes as I blow him, and sits on the bed.
"Fuck me." He says laying back.
I climb on top of him, and take his dick putting it inside of my vagina. I'm glad that I'm naturally wet because it helps him slide right in. I can feel him opening my vagina nice and wide. I start to moan as I ride him. He plays with my breasts which hurts, and then he pinches my nipples which makes me moan in pain. I feel my pussy flush with wetness as the pain eases. Then he slaps my boobs. It hurts so much, but I feel the pain add to the building pressure inside of my womb.
"Roll over and spread your ass."
I roll off him, and reach back spreading for him. His cock rams deep into my ass making me moan a bit louder than I should have. He spanks my bruised ass giving me pain as his dick gives me pleasure. He fucks me hard and deep. When he reaches around me grabbing my boobs I feel the pressure reach maximum. Then when he pinched my nipples really hard while twisting them I buried my face into the pillow as my orgasm blasted through me.
My entire body shakes, and I feel my ass clenching his dick as the waves escape through my vagina. He rams me hard pinching my nipples the entire time I orgasm. When I'm in the final last twitches he pulls out, and slams into my pussy groaning. I feel him pulsate inside of me, and then feel the warm cum hitting my vaginal walls. He fucks his cum as deep as he can into me before pulling out. I turn to him, and take him into my mouth sucking his dick clean.
"Added bonus." He says smiling.
He dresses and walks out to the living room, and I follow close behind him sitting at my owner's feet. He sits back in the chair.
"Was it good enough for you, or does it need to be punished?"
"That was beyond expectation. She was really good."
"That's good to hear." He says petting me. "In that case you can choose it's tool for tomorrow's reminders."
The neighbor looks over at the table, and picks up the riding crop. He smiles, and hands it to my owner.
"Good choice. Be here at noon, and you can give it ten reminders."
"I'll be here at :59." He says as he leaves.
"Tonight I want to go to the bar bitch. Go put something on."
I go into my suitcase, and dig out some legging style jeans and a pink blouse. I feel so naked with out a bra or underwear, but he won't let me have those. He tosses me a pair of heels for me to wear, and then pins me to the door facing him.
"If you try anything stupid bitch it will be the last thing you do. Got it?"
I nod my head seeing the crazy in his eyes, and then he opens the door pushing me out. He hops in my truck, and starts it up. I sit in the passenger seat as he drives up the road to a bar I never saw before. He pulls in, and makes me follow him in.
It's really run down inside, and smells of stale beer. There's five old guys sitting at the bar, and a fifty something bartender. We sit at the bar, and he orders us both a whiskey and Coke. He slams his, and orders another. I sip mine not really liking the drink. One of the old guys staggers to the jukebox, and plays some old country and western music before sitting back down. When an old slow song comes on he staggers to us, and asks if he can dance with me in his slurred speech.
"Go." Is all I'm told.
I get up to dance, and he grabbed me pulling me tight. His hands went right down to my ass as his beer breath infests my nostrils every time he exhales. Otherwise he smells like piss.
"You got nice tits." He slurs.
I don't give him a reply. I just keep swaying until the song is over. Then he pinches my left ass cheek as I walk away. I barely sit down when the bartender hands me a cup full of dice. I look at him confused, and then at my owner.
"Get five of a kind, and win a hundred bucks. Get nothing, and lose your ante. You get three shakes"
I slide the cup back to him, and he refuses to pick it up. He just stands there staring.
"I made your bet. You just have to shake."
I grab the cup, and shake it before pouring the dice on the bar. I get two fives, and a bunch of random numbers. I keep the pair, and shake again. One more five, and nothing more. My final shake I get two fours and a six. Not what I wanted.
"You lose." The bartender says smiling as he lays a pair of scissors on the bar.
I look at them both confused as he takes the scissors and stands beside me. I am turned facing him, and he kneels between my legs spreading them. I watch as he grabs the fabric of my jeans and proceeds to cut the crotch out from my pubic area all the way down to the middle of my ass. Then he sits back down laying the fabric on the bar with the scissors. The bartender picks up the fabric leaving the scissors, and he gives it to the old guy that I danced with. I watch as he sniffs it, and then hands it down the line. They all take a whiff before the bartender pins it to the back of the bar.
Another slow song comes on, and one of the other guys asks me to dance. Well, they ask him if I can dance with them. He motions for me to go so I do. He too holds me tight, and his hands find my ass crack really fast since the material is gone. His cold hands inside of my crack make my body react positively so when his hands move lower I feel his finger slip right into my wet pussy. He moves side to side like we're dancing, but I'm sure everyone can see what's happening. I feel his finger pull back, and then slip into my ass. He pushes it deep up me, and then he adds another. I feel him pulling my ass open as we dance. The song doesn't finish quick enough. I head straight back to my stool.
The bartender hands me the dice again. I take it as he says that it's double or nothing. I shake out random numbers, but save a three. I get two more threes on my next roll, then on my last roll I get one more three. He takes the cup of dice, and slides the scissors toward me. I watch as he again stands between my legs. This time he grabs my blouse, and cuts a big hole around my left breast revealing my nipple and areola. Then the right. He hands the fabric to the bartender who pins it with the other scrap.
The music stops, and one of the guys puts more into the juke box. The first thing to play is a slow song. Sure enough he walks over asking permission to dance. He doesn't even bother to pull me close. He just bends down sucking in my left nipple while his fingers fumble at my crotch trying to find a way in. The song doesn't end fast enough. I am so horny, but not for these guys. I start to my seat when another slow song starts, and I see the first guy standing there smiling at me. I don't move. He just takes the place of the last guy, but he pinches my nipples too. By the third song I'm ready to sit. Another slow song, and another dance partner.
This guy pulls me close, and he kisses my neck making me so horny. His hands caress my breasts as he gently pinches my nipples. He casually moves his hand between my legs, and finds my clit right away making me almost fall over. He rubs it expertly as his finger finds my opening. I can hear the wetness over the music as he plays with my pussy. I can't even sway like I'm dancing it feels too good. I don't want this song to end, but it does all too soon. The fourth song is of course another slow one and another dance partner. This guy is as drunk as the first guy. Instead of dancing it was more like me holding him up as he slobbered all over my nipples.
The next song and partner are relatively decent. He dances with me nice, and although his fingers explore my ass he doesn't do much else. I give him a peck on the cheek as I walk to my stool. I sit down, and see my owner is rather drunk. He looks at me with hate filled eyes, and I stare at the floor.
"You're pushing it bitch. I will beat your ass right here in front of everyone."
He must have seen me give the guy a peck on the cheek. The bartender slides the dice in front of me again, and I look at it confused.
"Shake the damn dice." He scolds me as the bartender watches.
I shake out nothing, and keep a four. Then I get another four. My last shake gives me nothing.
"Go out on the floor, and get on your hands and knees. You lost bitch."
I do as he says feeling myself overheating with anticipation, and then hear the bar stools moving around. I feel my feet being pushed farther apart, and then feel a cock slip into me. He fucks me hard and fast before I feel him warm my insides. He pulls out, and I'm quickly plugged again by another cock. It feels thick and I'm liking it. I feel the nirvana build in me. He rides me for a few minutes before he adds to the first load inside of my womb. then a third nuzzles up behind me. I feel his dick slide into me hard and fast. He's not big, but he is rough with what he has. I feel his hands dig into my hips seconds before I feel his cum pouring inside of me. It feels really hot, and I feel it leaking out of me as he puts more in.
The fourth guy slides it into my ass, and slowly fucks me as he holds my cheeks open. After a few minutes he grunts, and I feel him throbbing in my ass as he heats up my rectum. The fifth guy takes his place behind me, and he rams into my pussy with abandon. His cock hits me deep as he uses me good. It feels too good, and I orgasm quick. He pulls out of me before I even finish, and I feel his cum ooze from within. I counted five guys so I'm done. At least I had one orgasm. Then a sixth guy kneels behind me. I'm shocked, but stay in place.
I feel his dick slide up between my labia until it's positioned at my anal entrance. Then he just rams it home. My poor sphincter never had a chance as he drills deep into me. My God does he feel big. My hole feels like it being stretched wide open. He grabs my hips, and fucks me good and hard hitting deep in me. He slaps my ass as he rides it treating my like a bucking bronco or something. Before I know it an orgasm rip through me once again. Not a small one either. He keeps railing on my ass all the way through it. He fucks me so hard and deep that my legs go numb. A while later I finally feel him cum in my ass. He pounds it deep too. Then he pulls out leaving me dripping all over.
I wait for a minute before getting up. The bartender throws me a small towel pointing to the floor. I wipe up the cum, and then wipe myself with it before handing it back. He pins it with the fabric pieces. I sit in my stool, and can tell that he's really drunk. He slams down his drink and mine before trying to walk. I help him to the truck, and drive us back. When I get there I help him to bed, and I lay on the flor next to him.
I'm woken in the morning by him petting me. I'm still dressed, and he pulls at my blouse. I take the hint, and undress. He sluggishly crawls out of bed, and goes to the bathroom. I sit by the door. When he sees me he hooks me to the lead, and opens the door. It's raining out, but I have to go. I crawl out, and go to my spot just as it starts to rain harder. I spread my legs, and pee trying to hurry it along. I'm soaked by the time I make it back in. He tells me to lay by the door until I dry off while he watches a porn on TV.
I listen to the action, and wonder what's happening. I'll never know. It's over before he allows me to move. Then he has me make some food for us. He's quiet as we eat. Then after he finishes he looks at me for a bit before speaking.
"Why did you bring me back last night?"
I shrug.
"Talk to me bitch. Why? You could have ran, but you brought me back, and laid by the bed."
"I don't know. It seemed to be the right thing to do."
"I don't believe you."
"I can't help that. You believe what you want to believe."
"Shut up whore!" He shouts pushing me to the floor. "You're just another conniving cunt that's all! If it wasn't for that gash between you legs there'd be no use for you!" He grabs my face looking me right in the eyes. "You're only a fuck bag! That's all you're good for. Taking dick after dick."
He stands up, and unzips his pants slapping me in the face with his hard cock. He shoves it in my mouth, and down my throat gagging me. He fucks his anger against my throat. I do all I can to keep up. In a few minutes he shoots his cum into my mouth and down my throat. I gulp it down hoping to appease him somehow. When he finishes he again pushes me to the floor, and goes back to watching TV in silence. I gather the dishes, and then crawl cautiously by his feet. He pets my head which tells me that I did good.
"Those bruises and welts will heal in a few days. We can skip your reminder if you'd like? What do you say?"
"You told the neighbor man that he could administer them today." I remind him.
"He doesn't matter. I can stop him."
"I think you should keep your word."
The room goes back to the sound of the TV once more. Right at noon there's a knock on the door. He answers it, and lets the neighbor in.
"Bitch. Get the tool."
I go to the table, and retrieve the crop. I place it in my mouth, and crawl to them as they stand there. I kneel at their feet with my hands behind my back, and the neighbor takes the crop from my mouth.
"Twenty swats?" He asks.
"Can he have twenty bitch?"
"Yes sir." I say looking at the floor.
"It's all yours. command away. I'll watch and record."
"Lean back as far as you can." the neighbor commands.
I obey, and he uses his foot to open my legs more. I see my owner recording us as the crop raises in the air.
"One sir. Thank you. Can you go harder?" I say as it lands across my left breast above my areola.
"I can get to liking this." He says as he swats me again.
"Two sir. Harder please, and thank you." I say as he swats my right breast just above my areola.
He swats harder and harder all over my boobs, belly, and between my legs until I count to ten. Then he has me on my knees as he swats my ass ten more times good and hard. then he puts the crop back in my mouth as he asks if he can. I hear a go ahead, and then feel him slide into my vagina. I am so wet from the spanks that he slips right in. his hips slam into my ass a few times, and then he grunts filling me with man nectar. When he finishes he wipes the last drops on my ass cheek, and the leaves.
"Go clean up." I'm told.
I go to shower, and I pee in the shower which is something I never do, but I don't want to go out in the rain. When I finish he tells me to go into the bedroom. In there I find the only sexy underwear I brought. A pink lace ensemble with a push up bra and thong. I put them on, but I look hideous covered in all the bruises. I return to him, and he takes my picture. Then he has me sit with my legs open, and snaps another pic.
"Why didn't you run? Answer me." He asks calmly.
"I couldn't."
"I don't know."
"You took a beating today to save my honor. Why?"
"I felt I had to."
He hands me his phone, and I see an ad on some hook up web site. The ad is in my name saying that I'm a no holes barred kind of girl, and offering my company for favors. He has the two pictures he took of me as the main pictures, but the bruises are brushed out. I actually look like a fat lady trying to be sexy.
"What do you think?"
"Nobody will go for it except the cops, and then I'll be in jail."
"You're not asking for , and you could have left last night. If you want to stay with me you'll have to post the ad."
I look at the phone, and think about what he might do, and then I wonder myself why I didn't run. Then I think about how he knows my name. He must know more about me than he lets on. Before I know it I hit the post button, and the ad posted as the top ad. in minutes there's a reply. Some guy nearby wants to know what favors I want.
"What should we tell him?"
"I don't know."
"How about a truck ride on the highway?"
He types away, and then smiles.
"There. I want a truck ride on the highway this afternoon. But I want to be tied naked and spread eagle on the front grille for it. Sound good?"
I'm stunned.
"I'll take that as a yes."
His phone buzzes.
"He said that you're way too crazy of a whore for him, and that you need a shrink. How des that make you feel?"
I shrug as he checks the next message.
"Here's a guy offering fifty bucks for an hour. You're doing this."
He answers him, and then he drives me to a logging road in the middle of nowhere. There's a short spindly looking guy sitting in a Ford truck. He looks like he's in his twenties, and probably still a virgin. I go to sit in the truck with him like I'm told, and then I realize that this guy has to be a virgin. He hands me a fifty dollar , and I put it in my bra. Then I lean down pulling his dick out. He's about six inches, and well proportioned. He's half hard so I take him in my mouth trying to coax it up.
"Come closer." I say letting him slide between us.
He pulls his pants down to his ankles, and I rub his balls while licking and sucking his dick. Without warning he cums in my mouth. I let him finish before sitting up. I stroke his dick gently as I ask him his sexual status. He tells me that he is a virgin.
"Not anymore after today."
I go back down sucking and teasing him. His cock springs right back in action. I straddle him pulling my wet thong to the side, and slide him into my pussy. It feels so good, and I don't hold my moans back. He can't hear from the other truck so I can let loose. I ride his cock right there. I quickly orgasm, and he is quick to follow. He tries to pull out, but I'm too heavy for him to move. I don't move until I feel his dick quit pulsing. Then I tell him to keep in touch as I go back to my truck.
"How'd it go bitch?"
"Not bad. He came quick, but I took his virginity."
"You stupid cunt! One pop for fifty. You just gave him a freebie so you could say that your whore ass took his cherry."
"The site has a place for feedback. I'm sure his will be good. That will bring more, right?"
"You'd better be right. I want some . Next stop, anal town."
My ass puckers hearing this, but I also feel my puss wet knowing that I'm going to be fucked again shortly. He drives me into town, and we park behind the bait shop. Soon a red car pulls in, and parks beside us. I'm told to look through the back window on the driver's side of the car. I do as I'm told being glad that the rain has stopped, and see a one hundred dollar laying on the floor. As I reach down to get it the driver gets out, pulls my thong to the side, and crams his dick into my ass. I keep trying to reach it, but it's not easy when I'm being fucked.
The guy makes no noise at all as he uses my ass. He doesn't even slow down to finish. If it wasn't so hot inside of me I wouldn't have known. When he pulls out I get the quick, and then stand up as he pulls away. then a fart escapes, and I feel the cum run down the back of my right leg. I use a tissue to wipe off with before getting into the truck.
"I got one for you. This guy wants to shave your cunt with a straight razor for a hundred bucks. What do you think of that?"
"That'll be an experience so long as he knows how to use it."
"Don't move." He laughs as he drives us across town.
We pull up to an old house with broken shutters, and in need of major repair. I look at it concerned.
"Go knock on the door, and earn me some ."
I walk up, and knock. A familiar face opens the door.
"Hi Michele. come on in." My uncle says to me. "Haven't seen you in a while. What brings you here today?"
"Just in the area." I say knowing full well that he was once a barber, and knows all about straight razors.
"I am expecting some one, and I think she's here now."
"Don't let me bother you then." I say heading for the door.
"I'm quite sure that she's you. Why else would you knock on my door dressed like that?"
I forgot that I'm only wearing my underwear. I'm caught.
"Just sit down, and I'll get right to work. This will be our little secret." He says turning to the tub on the end table.
I sit in the chair, and he walks up to me holding the razor in his right hand, and the pail of water in his left.
"Are you going to take those off. I'm sure my razor would make quick work of them otherwise."
I reach down, and slip my thong to the floor before sitting back in place. He gently pushes me back with the back of his hand, and kneels between my legs. I watch as he lathers my pubic area, and lower with soap.
"You have a very pretty pussy my dear. Your father would be proud." He says as he begins to shave me. "I bet the boys love seeing that nice big twat in front of them, don't they."
"Boys like any twat in front of them."
"Hold still now. I don't want to castrate you. Your clit is so hard. You should see it. You must like a good shaving, huh?"
"It has it's place."
"Lift your legs nice and high now. I need to get around your asshole."
I lift them high, and feel him spreading my cheeks as he shaves around my ass.
"Very good. You're looking better by the second."
He takes the water, and a towel, and washes the left over soap from me before drying me off.
"Very nice, and here's your ." He says sliding it into my vagina.
I reach down digging it out as he walks to the bathroom.
"Call me later when you need a trim." He shouts as I slip my underwear on, and head for the door.
When I make it back to the truck he asks how it went. I show him my bald puss, and he just smiles. Then I hand him the , and he drives us back to the cabin. I follow him into the house, and then he tells me to go light a fire out in the pit. I do as he says, and he's soon joins me. He hands me a plastic bag telling me that he wants me to toss it into the fire, but it's my decision if I do. I look inside, and see all of my underwear and most of my clothes. Looking at him I toss it into the fire, and we watch them burn.
"I guess you are all mine, aren't you?"
"Yes sir. I'm your worthless fuck cow." I say smiling.
"You're way overdressed."
I peel my thong and bra off handing them to him. He tosses them into the fire too.
"I liked those."
"I have something else for you to like bitch." He says unzipping his pants.
I drop to my knees, and suck him for all he's worth. I can't help but to play with myself as I take his length into my mouth as I stroke and rub.
The November Cool Down
Posted:Nov 9, 2018 10:17 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 9:33 am
Well the temps are dropping and the snow is flying here in Wisconsin. I've neglected this blog for too long now, and I promise to get back into it on a more regular basis.

Here's what's new in my life. Nothing. Sorry to break your hearts hoping for a good story. I've just been working six days per week, and trying to keep up on the house on the seventh. As for work. It's busy, and we're short handed.

My mind on the other hand has been also working overtime, and it's making me go through a lot of underwear everyday. I was just at the cabin relaxing good (that means naked and alone), and when the gas guy came to fill the tank all I could think about was him filling me. I stood in the front window watching as he left since they don't come to the door. I was hoping he'd stop, but he didn't. Little does he know there was a naked and horny woman standing a few feet from him as he worked. It could have been, but wasn't.

My cousin visited a couple of times though. He's had a crush on me since as far back as I can remember. I got dressed when he pulled in though. He always stops by when up there. We drank and talked before he left, and I felt great after returning home nice and relieved.

So there's my little update. Hope I didn't bore you too bad? Here's some fresh captions to try to make up for it. I also will have a new story and pictures soon. Stay tuned. Later.

Taught Hubby
Posted:Oct 19, 2018 9:03 am
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2018 5:48 am

I had it with his smugness. He's always telling me that I shouldn't be thinking sexually all the time, but when I tell him that sex is part of a marriage he always says that it's not an important part. So here we are. Twenty five later, and older and bigger and a lot more horny all the time. He's still himself. Albeit with a bigger belly and a few gray hairs. I keep my locks brown, and long so that the grays don't show through. I don't care for my size, but I don't mind my D cups. Compared to my A cups when I was first married and before two kids it's an improvement. The big butt and big belly I can't seem to be rid of, but I see guys looking yet. Not as many as there used to be, but a few.

In my mind they're looking because they're interested, but in the back of my sanity I know a few are grossed out by me. I don't let that bother me though. In my head they're all perverts just like me. And not just your average pervert. I have a wild side that borders on insane. always fantasizing about playing the field so to speak. Letting my inner out to play. investigating my submissive kinky side. also the loving wife, and mother who has an upstanding reputation. I feel for those I love, and I can't bear hurting them. It's when they make me mad that I do stupid things that will hurt their feelings, and when super horny that my mind doesn't think right.

Today is one of those days. It all started before we were even out of bed. I woke up with a puddle between my legs after dreaming of being taken by strong men, and when I rolled over my husband had the hardest morning wood I've ever seen. So of course I slipped under the covers to suck him. I love a hard dick in my mouth, but he doesn't like it when I do it. He says that it's gross and won't kiss me after, but I deal with it. It felt so good throbbing on my tongue. I can take his six inches no problem. This morning it was hitting the back of my mouth. I loved it.

Before I knew it he was finishing in my mouth. I just swallowed it down sucking away until he yanked me off him asking me what I was doing. I just laid there as he got up staring at me looking mad. He repeated his question telling me that he's not joking.

"I was trying to get some dick, but it went off too quick." I replied joking.

"You know I hate it when you do that. Why do you always have to try?"

"Because I like to. It's fun, sexy, and it makes me horny."

He shook his head as he walked out down the steps leaving me to my own devices. So I of course let my hands roam. My left hand was working my left nipple. Pinching, pulling, and twisting. My right hand was between my legs with my middle finger working my sopping wet clit when he walked back in.

"Knock it of. The kids are in the next room."


"You didn't even lock the door."

"I was hoping that hard dick would return to finish the job."

"Just stop it. That's not right. You're over 40 . Act like it."

" in my prime. When was yours?" I say getting frustrated.

"Prime what? You're acting like a tramp. You to stop before the kids see you like this."

"Well then fuck me!"

"Really? What's wrong with you?" He says leaving the room once more.

My frustration has turned to anger, and although horny too mad to continue. So I just grab some clothes, and head to the shower. He's sitting in the chair watching the news when I walk past.

"Put some clothes on. The kids don't want to see you walking around naked woman."

"No, but a real man would." I say as I head to the shower. "A real man would satisfy his wife."

I shower, and as my attention turns back to my horniness my hands begin to wander as I soap myself down. Then I hear the door open, and the toilet lid open telling me that the youngest is up. Hurrying to finish I soap down and rinse quick before just tossing on a tee and jeans. Being the weekend I only have my black lace brief underwear instead of my usual bikini cut, but all of my bras are dirty so I toss in a load of laundry before going out to start the day.

He pretty much watches TV not minding me for most of the day. I can tell that he's mad at me, but I don't care. Later in the afternoon we decide that we to get groceries so we head out. I don't even bother putting a bra on since we're just going to the corner store for the few things we . With both kids in tow we peruse the store finding our groceries, and when we get to the produce aisle we have both kids running for stuff leaving him and I alone for a few seconds. I grab a cucumber holding it up smiling at my husband.

"Look. It's nice and hard. I bet it wouldn't mind if I put it in my mouth." I say joking snidely.

"Stop. Just stop."

"What? Are you jealous that it'll stay hard long enough to make it into my pussy, or just because it's bigger than you are?"

"You are just not right in the head."

I look behind him as he walks away, and I see a middle aged man staring and smiling. I know he heard, but although I feel a tinge of embarrassment I also feel a tinge of excitement in my crotch as he looks me up and down from afar. My husband begins to walk away as I grab another one.

"Here. This one is smaller. Nevermind, it's still bigger and harder than you. I bet it would like to be all creamy in my mouth."

"You are so gross. I don't know how you can even like that."

"You should try it sometime. Then you'll know."

"I don't think so. That'll never happen."

I look back at the man who is kind of following us now. Or so it seems, but in a small store it always seems like that. The kids are quickly back, and then I stop talking and egging him on. I know he's not happy with me, and having fun with it. I want him so pissed that he feels as frustrated as I do. I figure the worst thing that will happen will be he doesn't fuck me. That's what always happens anyway. The best thing would be if he gets mad enough to tear my clothes off and fucks me so hard that I pass out, but that's never happened anywhere but in my head.

We are soon at the register checking out when the man lines up behind us. It's a small place with only one register so I don't think anything of it. I smile when we make eye contact, and he smiles in return. My husband is placing the stuff on the belt to be checked out with the kids helping while I hold the cart still. The man is about a foot behind me.

"You're pretty spunky." I hear almost inaudibly behind me.

I turn to see the man talking to me.

"I like that. You told him. If you were my woman you wouldn't be having any complaints."

I just smile as I feel my face redden turning away before he sees me blushing.

"You do have a very nice ass, and I love the way your nipples poke against your shirt." He says grabbing my ass with both hands.

I look down to see my nipples rock hard under my shirt. I never noticed, but now that I do I can feel how sensitive they are rubbing against the fabric. His hands let go of my ass, and I hear a younger voice from behind me as well.

"I got the duct tape, but all they had was small rolls."

I turn to see a younger man in his twenties taking to the stranger. Just then I feel a tug on the cart. My husband has finished, and the cart is full of the bagged groceries. I push the cart to the car, and watch as they all pile in leaving me to load the trunk. A few minutes later both men walk up to the car just as a bag rips open dumping all of the canned stuff on the ground.

"What the hell are you doing back there? Let's go woman." My husband yells from inside the car.

"He sounds like an ass." The man says as he helps me to pick up the stuff.

The younger man grabs a can that rolled a few places down.

"Why do you stay with him? You deserve so much better."

That's when I notice the ring on his finger.

"What would your wife say knowing that you're sweet talking me?"

"She'd love it. If she were still around to say anything."

I crouch down to pick up the last of the cans, and I can see him staring down my shirt. I kind of wish I had worn a looser shirt to thank him for helping me, but I didn't. The younger man placed the few cans in the trunk that he rescued, and the older man took the cans from my hands as I stood up. I could feel his cold hands rub across my nipples as he took the cans, and I swear I could hear myself whimper in anticipation.

The younger man goes to the car a few spots down getting into the driver's seat while the older man stands there staring at me. His eyes fixated on my chest.

"Thanks." I say breaking his concentration.

"The pleasure is all mine." He says walking away.

I close the trunk, and get into the driver's seat starting the car. My husband just looked at me shaking his head as I back out of the stall.

"If you wanted help all you had to do was ask."

"They just helped. I didn't ask. Because that's the right thing for a man to do." I say getting mad.

The rest of the drive is silent, and I put the groceries away when we get home. My oldest heads to his room, and my youngest plays games on the computer. I take care of the rest of the laundry while he watches TV again. So it's back to the same old routine. And nothing changes for the next week besides the fact that I am so horny that there's no words to describe it. My husband is his usual self so nothing is happening there. It's to the point where everything I see, and everyone I encounter is a possible fantasy in one way or another.

All week long my frustration grows, and my anger against him intensifies. By Friday ready to take him, or just go out to the bar naked to see what happens. My mom calls in the afternoon asking if my kids want to go to the cabin with her and my dad. They at times take all the grandkids with them to spend time with them doing fun stuff like swimming, and sightseeing. My husband and kids are all for it so she arranges to pick them up in a couple of hours leaving me and my husband alone for the weekend.

The first thing I do is sit beside him as he watches TV on the couch. He looks at me knowing what I want before ignoring me. I lean in nuzzling his arm.

"We're alone now."


"Maybe you could let me... I don't know... do certain things?" I say in a submissive sexy tone.

"You mean like let me finish watching my show? Sure."

"How about something more like making this thing hard?" I say grabbing his crotch.

"And then what?"

"Maybe you could use it on me for a while?"

"Is that all you think about? There's so much more to life than sex."

"Don't you want me?"

"Not like that. Not right now."

"Most guys would kill to have a girl that likes to fuck you know."

" not most guys."

"I've noticed. You are the only guy that complains when he gets a blow job." I say sitting back in frustration.

"I still have no idea why you insist on doing that."

"Because I like your hard dick in my mouth. I like feeling it.."

"Just stop!" He interrupts. "I don't want to hear it. That is so wrong on so many levels."

"You asked."

"No. I said I didn't know why you insisted on doing it. Not why you do it. It's late. going to bed since I can't watch my show anyway."

I sit there as he walk up the stairs to the bedroom, and I soon hear the sounds of him snoring. left alone at ten at night sitting on the couch still frustrated and horny. The more I think about what just happened the more I get mad so I play a few games on my phone to calm down before going to bed myself. I slip into my sleep shirt which is just a long loose fitting black shirt, and my black lace thong since it's wash day tomorrow and it's what I've been wearing all day.

Slipping into bed beside him he doesn't even stir. I crunch the blanket up under my chin feeling sad for myself, and hating feeling like I do. It takes a few minutes before I begin to doze off. I am soon startled awake by a feeling of someone beside me standing there. It's too dark, and my eyes don't focus before I feel a bag pull over my head. It tightens around my mouth gagging me, and I feel my hands being tied behind my back as I am turned onto my stomach.

I feel struggling beside me telling me that my husband is also being tied up. I hear him ask what's going on, but then his voice is muffled. I am let go, and the bed stops shaking. I listen. The silence of the room is broken by the sound of the light switch. My shirt lifts up off my ass, and hands grab my ass cheeks firmly. They are squeezed, shaken, and spanked lightly. I feel my crotch tingle and wet recalling my rough sex fantasies.

Then I hear a familiar voice saying, "That's one fine ass."

It's the man from the store, but his voice is from across the room nearest my husband.

"That ass needs to be taken care of. If you can't appreciate it you must like cock."

I hear gagging sounds, and feel the bed shaking side to side as the hands run under my panties.

"That's it. You're learning." He says as the gaging continues.

I feel my underwear pull down exposing my naked ass, and then I feel the fingers roaming into my crack. They rub up and down touching my asshole, and finding my crotch. I moan as a finger presses into my wet vagina. I feel it slide up into me before pulling back out spreading my wetness up my crack.

"She's liking that. See? Look at how wet your wife is."

My hips lift up as the fingers slowly move back down. I want to feel them inside of me. I am so horny that I just need a release, and I don't care how or who does it. I don't even notice that the hood is untied as the finger slips back into my eager puss. My eyes are closed as I moan. When I open them I see my husband laying there beside me watching me as the older man from the grocery store stands beside him holding his head to watch. The man is completely naked, and is sporting a rather large thick erection that is tight against my husband's cheek.

A second finger joins the first making me moan as my hips raise higher giving myself to my intruder. My eyes close in ecstasy feeling the fingers slowly fuck me. I look back after a few seconds to see the younger man standing full clothed beside me with his hand touching me. His cock is straining against his jeans is all I can focus on as his fingers work me over. My attention is broken by the sounds of gagging again.

I turn to see the older man forcing his cock into my husband's mouth making him gag as it hits the back of his throat. It looks so sexy seeing another man's balls pressed against his chin. Hearing the man moan as my husband pleasures him. Feeling the fingers inside of me I feel an orgasm not far off. My hips raise and lower to meet his fingers. Even when he pulls out to rub up over my asshole my hips never stop.

"She's hot to trot. You should have kept her satisfied. I bet you never even took advantage of that nice big ass of hers have you?" He asks my husband as he gags him more.

Then I feel a finger slip into my asshole while two slide into my pussy. I moan louder lifting my hips high. He fucks my holes slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. I feel my orgasm coming on fast.

"Fuck me! Make me cum!" I insist as the pleasure takes over my actions.

"Listen to your wife. She's become such a since you don't take care of her needs."

The fingers pull out leaving me wanting more. My orgasm so close, but still so far away. I watch as my husband's mouth gets fucked hard, and the feel my hands being untied. I pulled onto my knees, and my shirt is lifted up off me leaving me completely naked. I watch as the younger man undresses. The older man reaches over pinching and pulling on my nipples.

He leans in sucking and nibbling my left nipple and breast while making my husband pleasure him. The younger man joins him on my right breast. All I can do is hold their heads and moan enjoying the sensations. The older man uses his free hand to rub down my back to my ass. I soon feel his finger against my asshole. He rubs in circles until it slips into me. My hips begin to rock fucking his finger as they suck my tits. My eyes are fixated on my husband and the cock going in and out of his mouth.

Then I feel a second finger stretching my asshole. It feels so nice. I've never felt such sensations before, but liking them. The younger man rubs my clit and pulls my pubic hairs hard as he attends my breast, but he never lets a finger enter me. It doesn't matter. too horny to care. I feel my orgasm returning, but once again they stop just before relief is mine.

"You should show your husband here how to suck a dick properly." The older man says to me.

The younger one grabs my husband holding him close as I kneel beside the older man who is laying on his back. I look my husband in the eyes as I run my tongue up the entirety of the man's shaft kissing the tip. Then back down kissing his hairless sack. I pick it up, and run my tongue up the top of his shaft until I get to the tip. I see a big drop of pre cum forming, and I lick it up tasting it before taking him all the way into my mouth. I don't stop until I feel his body press against my lips. His cock poking against the back of my throat. Then I begin to suck him. Slowly at first. I hold it upright so I can enjoy every inch.

He's a bit bigger than my husband, but not a lot. He's definitely thicker. I kiss lick and suck it for a few minutes before he tells me to stop. I look up to see the younger man's rock hard cock right beside the older man. I lay across the older man's legs, and suck the younger one. He's definitely bigger, and thick. He's rock hard, and I love gagging on it. I find it a challenge to take him all, and I succeed.

"Now that you can see how a sucks a cock you can do the same bitch." The older man says to my hubby.

"Just leave us alone you sick fucks!" He yells.

"Get to work faggot or we'll take it out on your wife." He says spanking my left ass cheek hard enough to make my body jiggle.

My moan from the sting is muted by the cock in my mouth. Then a second swat lands on my right cheek.

"Get to it." He demands of my husband.

I quickly hear gagging sounds again telling me that he's sucking the man again. I feel a hand rubbing my ass cheek as I attend the dick in my mouth. He kneads and pinches my cheeks while the younger man has his fingers entwined in my hair.

"Did you like those love taps?" The older man asks.

"Mmm hmm." I moan.

"Your slutty wife wants more swats. Who am I to let her down. That's what she has you for. Now be a good bitch, and let me take proper care of your wife. You just watch and take notes."

The younger man pulls me off his dick making me kneel while the older one stands up. Then I am pulled down onto my hands and knees with the older man to my left and the younger one to my right. I am positioned in the middle of the bed, and my knees are spread as wide as they'll go. Rope is tied around my wrists, and I am again pulled onto my knees but with my arms high in the air.

"What do you want from us?" The older man asks me.

"Use me."


"Spank me, fuck me, do with me what you wish. I just want to cum."

"What about your husband?"

"I don't care. Just do it."

I hear a belt buckle, and when I turn to look at the sound coming form my right I see a thick black strap coming at me. It lands right across my ass cheeks with a resounding whack. It stings and burns. The pain is intense, but I have no time to think about it before I feel a swat impact my ass cheeks from my left. It stings more, but feels like something harder. I look to see that he has a wooden paddle.

One by one the swats continue as they take turns spanking my ass. After a while they stop, and the older man plays with my hard nipples as my ass burns. He pinches my left nipple hard making me flinch, but he doesn't let go and it makes me pull my nipple trying to get out of his grasp.

He soon lets go, and I feel the wooden paddle crash down across my breasts. I pull back from the impact, but I can't go far since tied to the ceiling. Then the younger man takes his turn, and the belt strikes right across my right nipple and left areola. They are soon into their rhythm as they paddle my chest. Slowly they work down until my skin is being tenderized from my neck to my knees.

After a while they begin to swat my ass on occasion too making sure to welt my entire body. It goes on for minutes, and my skin is burning. They then untie my hands, and make me lay back as I kneel. It's a very uncomfortable position. Especially for a big girl like me. I feel tugging on my pubic hairs once again, and then feel a slap across my crotch. It sounds like someone is splashing in a puddle, but it stings like needles are being pushed slowly into my labia.

"She's awful damn fuzzy, but God damn is she wet!" The older man comments. "I bet you've never made her this wet before faggot."

He walks over to my husband, and pulls him so that he's kneeling on the floor looking between my legs.

"Look at that cunt there fag boy. Look at it glisten. That's a bitch that's ready to go. Do you like her hairy twat?"

I look down to see his answer, but can't see past my fat stomach.

"That's what I though. And just because you like it going to let you shave her cunt bald."

I shave on occasion, but he doesn't like it. So turned on by him shaving me.

"Grab hold of those pubes there gay boy."

I feel him grab a handful.

"Now shave them right out."

I feel him pull slowly, and I feel the hairs holding on to my skin not wanting to go. This isn't shaving, but it's so much more kinky. He pulls harder and harder making me moan as my skin stretches.

"See, you finally made her moan."

Then I feel the first few strands of hair give in, and then they are quickly followed by more as the hairs are yanked out. Then I feel another swat come down across my crotch making me jump.

"Are you a good ?"

"Yes sir." I moan.

"Tell me then what you want right now."

"I want him to shave my pussy."

The younger man walks into the room. I never saw him leave. He holds up a razor, and I see my husband take it from him. Then I feel it shaving me. No shaving cream, and no lotion after. Just a dry shave until bare down there.

"That's better. I'd tell you to kiss that cunt now, but I know you'd rather have my dick so get to work bitch."

I lay back with my legs straight, and I see my husband on his knees taking the older man's length into his mouth. There's no gagging now. Just the sounds of sucking. The younger man lays beside me on his back, and I can see that he's still rock hard. He motions for me to mount him, and I watch my husband staring at me as I do.

His cock slides right into my sopping wet pussy, and fills me so full. It feels so good as I rock my hips back and forth fucking him. He pulls me down massaging my boobs, and begins to suck my nipples. I moan in sheer delight. His cock pummels me from underneath bringing me to a moaning orgasm in just a few minutes. He fucks me right through it, and doesn't stop until I finish. He then rolls me onto my back, and rams me deep making me feel every inch of his dick. It's not long before another orgasm rips through me rocking me to the core.

"Look at that faggot. He made your wife cum twice in less than ten minutes. Look at all her cum on his dick as he fucks her. She's loving every second of this."

After my second orgasm ends he gets up, and I see the older man stand up. I am positioned on my hands and knees, and the older man sinks into my eager pussy. I love this position, and feeling a cock using me right in this position is so nice. His hips slam hard against my ass cheeks as he drills my vagina. I look over to see the younger man feeding my husband his cock. I think about how I just came on that same cock twice, and now it's in his mouth. A finger slips into my ass, and I shudder in another orgasm as the man fingers my asshole.

"I can feel her cunt milking my dick homo. I bet you never felt that." He says to my husband. "Has he ever fucked that nice big ass of yours?"

"No." I moan.

"Well then, it's about time it got fucked."

I feel him pull out, and begin to press into my ass. I can feel my hole opening up around his girth. Stretching as he slips into my virgin hole.

"Nice and tight. But not after done with it."

He pushes it deep pushing past my sphincter until he's all the way into my asshole. It feels like being ripped in two as my intestines are filled with his cock. He pulls back only to slam it back deep. It takes my breath away, and he slams into me a few times fast. My grunts come out in short gasps.

"This is how you make your bitch bark like a doggy." He jokes at my husband. "Well, this is how I make your bitch bark like a doggy."

He then grabs my hips, and begins to fuck my ass hard. My legs shake, and go numb. My hole feels like it's stretched wide. All I can feel is his cock plunging deep into my rectum.

"Do you like getting your ass fucked?"

"Yes sir." I hear myself moan.

"Good. Then you can fuck me."

He pulls out laying beside me, and I straddle him. He slaps my breasts hard telling me to turn around and watch my husband. I do as he says, and feel his cock slipping back into my ass as I lean back lowering myself onto him with my legs wide open. It feels like he's even deeper, but I start to ride him anyway. His hands play with my tits from behind me, and he pinches and pulls my nipples. I see my husband watching as he sucks the younger man's dick. Then the younger man pushes him off, and climbs between my legs.

His cock slides right into my puss filling me fuller than I've ever been. My husband just kneels there watching as they double fuck me hard. I soon orgasm so hard that I almost pass out. In my throes of passion I hear the younger man grunts as he pushes as deep into me as he can. Then as I finish He pulls out and the older man groans loud. I feel his cock throbbing in my ass as he fills me with his cum. He holds me tight to him until he's done, and then pushes me off.

I lay there panting as they both make my husband suck their cocks clean. I am awed that neither on is going limp. Both are still rock hard, and it's turning me on. I want more. Even after all the orgasms. I want more. The younger man is the first to return to me. I stroke his cock lovingly as I look him in the eye. He rubs my head, and I suck him into my mouth. I can still taste myself on him, and it adds to my lust. I can feel the cum trickling out of me tickling my skin, and that too adds to my want.

"Can we fuck you wife again? I think she wants another baby maker." The older man asks my husband.

He shakes his head no, but the men don't really care what he wants.

"Do you want more sweetie? Do you want another double stuff?"

"Mmmm. Yes." I moan.

"See homo. She's a good . going to fuck her cunt now, and give her a baby."

He climbs between my legs laying me back, and slips right into my vagina. He slams it deep and fast fucking me for all worth. The younger man fucks my mouth from my left, and I suck him with renewed gusto. It's not long before I orgasm again, and my climax is answered by a mouth full of cum. I swallow it all down lapping up every drop while the older man fucks me good.

The younger man pulls my husband onto the bed beside us, and lays him on his back. The older man makes me straddle my husband's face before reentering me. He fucks my pussy hard from behind until I hear him groan loud.

"Open your mouth bitch. Take in your wife's baby maker." He says as he fills me so full with cum that it runs out.

He keeps pumping me until his dick goes limp, and then makes me sit on my husband's face.

"You better clean her out good. I switched her birth controls pills about a month ago with aspirins. You don't want another baby to take care of. Would you?"

I watch as they dress, and then just before they leave the older man whispers in my ear, "I'll see you after breakfast. Don't tell him though."

Hearing this sends me into another body shaking orgasm as they leave.
My Last Story
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I'm sorry about how my last story is all jumbled up. The site wouldn't copy it all in one, and I didn't notice until after it was posted. Either forgive me, or paddle me until I learn. Either way I'm sorry.
The Second Job part 1 ending
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I moan out loud peeling my shirt off. His hands pinch my nipples as I tell him to pinch harder while I fuck him. Having a cock in me feels so good. I want it to last forever. My hips rock hard grinding him deep into my pussy. I am soon in the throes of orgasm. I feel his cock throbbing inside of me, and I can feel the warmth of his cum as it fills my womb. Then when I'm all done I collapse onto his chest with his cock draining inside of me.

He rubs my back as I catch my breath. My head is achy and swimming. I feel him softening in side of me before it slips out. I look at him to see him smiling.

"What came over you?" He asks.

"Something made me do that. Something was inside of me."

"Yes there was, and I'm glad."

"That's not what I meant."

"I'm still glad. It's not every day that a man can make love to an angel."

"I'm not angel. As a matter of fact I'm not even on anything so this should never have happened. I can't believe it did."

"Do you regret it?"

I think for a moment before answering, "No. I don't."

"Then let's just consider it a once off, and go from there."

"Sounds good to me." I say going into the bathroom to clean up.

Jose holds the door for me again as we exit, and walks me to my car.

"I still want to do the investigation thing with you. Now I know something might happen."

"Okay. Whatever. Just tell me when."

"I'll have to get stuff together. Figure in a few weeks. We'll shoot for an overnighter."

I get in my car, he closes the door behind me, and I return home showering as soon as I get in the door. All night long I think about what happened. I worry about getting pregnant, and I recall the shadow figure with fear. All day Sunday I think about the shadow figure when I look at the door. I barely recall being groped. I begin to think that the shadow is the reason why all the girls quit. At the end of the night Jose mentions as I leave about getting the stuff that he needs.

"I'll have everything by next Saturday. Clear your schedule so we can be here all night."

"Will do." I say before going home to tell my husband that I have to work late Saturday and early Sunday so I'm just going to sleep for a couple of hours at the Bistro.

He thinks it's odd, but is okay with it. All week long I silently dread accepting Jose's offer, but I'm in too deep now so I have to do it. Before I know it Friday is over, and the alarm is going off for Saturday night.
The Second Job part 2 ending
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"No. You left me plenty. Why?"

"I saw the folder."

His face turns red when he hears this. I walk up sitting on his desk in front of him again. I open my legs pulling my dress to the side so he can see that I'm bared underneath.

"I'm ready for the bonus." I coo.

"I don't know." He says standing up.

I pull him close feeling his boner through his pants against my crotch. I pull it out, and make him slip into my pussy. He stands there shocked for a few seconds before he begins to fuck. I pull my breasts out, and pull his face between them. It feels good being fucked. Like he's scratching an itch I can't reach.

He lasts got a few minutes before he groans fucking his load into me. I let him finish before kissing the top of his head, and then I stand up straightening myself up. He sits back in his chair watching me.

"I'm going to fuck Trish. Just so you know." I tell him.

He shrugs his shoulders, and I walk out to work.
The Second Job part 2
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I show up for work filled with dread. I don't really want to do it for fear of what we may discover, but I gave my word so I'm stuck. I dive right into the job trying not to think about it, and when a group of middle aged men come in it gets much easier. There are seven of them, and they are celebrating one of their birthdays. Sue had no choice but to seat them in my section so I get to hear all about their night.

"That chick over there has an excellent set of tits." I hear one say about Tonya.

"Yeah, but she's a bitch. This chick has an okay set, and she's easier to get along with. She's just a big momma." Another answers quietly.

"The fat one's are the best fucks." Another adds. "They love to put things in their mouths, and will fuck you like it's their last time. Since it probably is for a long time." He laughs.

I take their orders, and hear one say, "It's a big ass, but I'd do it."

I pass it off like I always do, but I still like hearing it. Toward the end of the night they've had a few drinks, and are enjoying themselves at their table. I take my break late, and Jose tells me that he has everything set reminding me of the lock in tonight. I just smile, and leave it at that as I return to the customers with a birthday cupcake with one candle for the lucky guy.

They all cheer as I sing happy birthday handing him his cupcake. He blows out the candle, and I lay the bill on the table since it's now closing time.

"I hope you made a good wish." One asks him.

"I wished I could see her tits." Another answers for the birthday guy right in front of me.

I just smile as I clear away the plates and glasses.

"They are nice." Another says as I bend across from him. "I hope they pay you well to have such a nice set hanging out for all to see?"

I look down thinking that I'm hanging out, but I'm not. They laugh.

"Do they flop out a lot that you needed to look?" One asks me.

"It's a new dress." I admit bashfully.

"I like it." The birthday man says putting his hand through the slit and on my thigh.

I walk away dumping off the arm full of dishes before returning for more. I feel his hand slip through the slit again and grab my ass.

"That feels pretty good. I'm guessing that you are either commando, or wearing a thong." He says loud enough for all to hear.

I back away puling his hand away. He grabs my ass cheek tighter, and pulls me back. The guy on the other side grabs my other cheek, and they both squeeze and knead my ass. I feel my crotch wet from the attention, but I know I have to stop it. I stand there for a few seconds imagining being bent over the table and fucked by them all. Then I try to back away again before my mind goes too far.

They hold me tight. The guy that first grabbed me runs his hand down, and I feel his cold fingers touch my hot crotch making my legs tremble.

"You're ready to go, aren't you? All nice and hot and wet." He laughs.

I just stand there feeling him pushing the gusset of my thong between my labia rubbing my clit in the process. I hold onto the table to keep from falling over which makes me bend slightly, and this gives him better access. The other guy just watches rubbing my ass as the first one slips his finger around the gusset, and slides it into my ready pussy. I moan softly as his finger fills me. The rest of the guys just watch as he fingers me closer to nirvana.

"What about my birthday wish?" He asks as he slides a second finger into me.

The other guy begins to rub my right breast while his finger prods against my asshole. I feel him spreading my abundant wetness up over my ass making my crack slick. The birthday guy reaches up with his free hand, and pulls my bodice down letting my boobs flop free. He immediately grabs my left nipple, and begins to play with it by pinching and kneading it. A moan escapes me once more, and then I feel a finger slide into my ass. It feels so strange, but yet good as their fingers penetrate me. The other guy follows the first's lead pinching and playing with my nipple, and my legs begin to weaken.

In less than a minute I am biting my lip as my orgasm is so close. Then I hear on of them saying to stop. I feel my dress get pulled up bringing me back to reality. I look up to see Sue approaching. I quickly straighten myself making sure that I'm covered as I stand there. The birthday guy lets go of me, but the other guy keeps his finger deep in my ass.

"Is everything okay here Michele?"

"Yes. They were just getting ready to pay their tab." I reply cheerfully.

"Good. It's closing time." She snips walking away.

I pull the guy's hand away pulling his finger from my ass, and I see that a couple of them had their phones out recording me.

"Happy birthday." I say to the birthday boy.

I give him a kiss on the cheek before grabbing his hand, and sucking the fingers that were inside of my puss. The rest of the guys laugh as I walk away to pay the bill. When I return I tell them to come again, and I go by the birthday guy to whisper in his ear.

"But you probably already came." I say loud enough for everyone as I grab his crotch.

He is rock hard, and although he doesn't feel huge he does feel nice. But then I'm just really horny now that they have me going. I walk away thinking about how much I wished I could orgasm. I need the finish. Jose breaks my train of thought when he asks me if I'm ready as I head to the bathroom.

"I just have to reset things, and then I'll be done." I say hoping to postpone the inevitable.

I clean myself quick before returning to my section. Tonya is almost done with her part, and Sue is already gone. I reset things making sure everything is in order. I see Jose locking the door behind Tonya just as I finish. I go in to change, and Jose tells me to leave the dress on.

"It a period style dress. It might help us out."

I agree, and Jose shuts down most of the lights after setting cameras all over filming most of the restaurant. He shows me the video feeds from the security cameras, and how he has everything tied together.

"Let's start in the dining room. Then we can work our way back until we end in the basement." He suggests.

"I'd rather skip the basement." I admit.

"That's where you said you felt something, and got those scratches. I think that will be the best area."

He hands me a phone telling me that the spirits are supposed to be able to chose words through it to answer questions. We go in the dining area, and Jose calls out for Henry.

"Henry. Are you here?"

No response.

"Let us know if you're here." I say.

Nothing. We ask a few more questions before moving to the kitchen. We get the same response. Nothing. Down the hall, in the bathrooms, and to the back room. Nothing.

"I thought for sure we'd get something."

"Why?" I ask.

"Mark always wants his door closed because he says that he keeps seeing someone walk by or looking around the door while he's in here."

"I've wondered why his open door policy had a closed door." I laugh.

Jose opens the basement door, and we head down. I don't get the ominous feeling. We walk all over the basement asking questions without any replies. We call out names to no avail. Jose looks at his watch sighing.

"It's almost three in the morning, and we don't have anything. I'm kind of let down, but not surprised."

"Explain what happened to me then?" I ask as we return to the video station.

"Maybe you need to go alone then?"

"Hell no."

"Come on Michele. Put on you big girl panties, and be a trooper. We have nothing so far. I'm sure it's going to stay that way."

"Fine." I relent walking back into the dining area.

I repeat our questions, and call out names. Still no responses. Into the kitchen, down the hall, through the bathrooms. Nothing. Then in the back room the device chirps the word, "Sexy." I try to get more out of it, but after five minutes I get nothing.

Jose hands me a two way radio, and tells me that he'll be close by if anything happens. I know he wants me to go in the basement, and I figure that the one word was a glitch instead of anything else. Add that with the fact that I felt perfectly at ease before down there I open the door, and walk down. I sit on the chair still down there setting the phone device on the table.

"Whore." The device rings out.

"Who's there?" I ask. "Is it Banty?"

"Wet." It says.

"Who is this?"


"What's your name?"


I'm shocked because this is what happened when Jose and I were down here. I felt cold fingers bring me to an orgasm. I think it's the cowboy, and he thinks that I'm a prostitute.

"Are you going to pay me for my time?" I ask.

I get no response. Instead the room gets a heavy feeling to it, and I feel an overbearing presence. I radio to Jose, and he tells me to stick with it.

"Who else is here? Banty is that you?"

I stand up looking around, and my eyes are nervously drawn to the back area. I feel like there's something there watching me.

"This is getting pretty intense down here. I think I'm going to come up."

"I'd rather you stick through it, but if you have to. I can see you on the camera. Walk back there. Don't let it know that you're scared."

I take a deep breath, and slowly walk toward the back.

"Stop." The device rings out.

I take another step after a short pause. I am soon in the hallway with rooms on either side of me. I feel like there's people still locked in the cells. When I get to the back I look around feeling the presence all around me.

"Who's here?"

No response.

"Answer me. Or are you afraid?" I taunt.

Still nothing.

"Well, I guess you're not such a tough ghost anyway. I'm going to go since you're afraid of me."

Just then I hear the basement door slam shut.

"Did you just slam the door?" I ask Jose.

"No. Let me check on it."

"Just wait a second." I say feeling the air grow heavier.

I hear a pop behind me towards the steps, and I turn to see the lights popping dark one by one as they get closer. I stand there frozen in fear until one one bulb in the middle is lit making it really dark, but still light enough to see a little.

Something in the back corner moves. It sounds like something wooden being dragged across concrete. I look close, but don't see anything. Then I feel a sharp pain on the backs of my knees dropping me down onto my knees. It burns a lot, and when I try to move I feel something grab the back of my neck. I am pushed down hard onto my hands, and I feel my dress yank up over my waist.

"Judgement." The device rings out from across the basement.

Then I hear a whooshing sound seconds before I feel a sting cut across my ass cheeks. It is quickly followed by another and another. I clench my teeth as the burning pain fills my body. It occurs to me that I'm being spanked by a ghost. It lasts for almost five minutes before I see a wooden rod roll past me on the floor.

"Is that all you can do?" I sniffle. "That didn't even hurt."

I feel it grab my hair, and yank me to my feet tossing me up against the wall. I land hard, and feel my dress yank down off me leaving me standing there in my black thong. I see some movement in the back corner of the room, but I can't move. Something comes flying at me, and lands across my bare chest. I see that it's an old tattered leather belt about two inches wide with metal staples holing it together at the ends to make the loop.

It stings just as much as the rod did, but I see it flying all over as the sting subsides. Then it swats me again. This time right across my left nipple. It stings bad making me moan, but I toughen up trying to endure. Again and again it strikes me from my neck to my thighs. After a while my skin feels on fire, and I can really feel my breasts bouncing when it lands.

"Wet." The machine rings out.

"I can't get the door open." I hear Jose on the radio.

The belt eventually drops, and I hear a different whooshing sound. Then I feel a wire loop around my boobs tying them tight enough to turn them purple starting with the left one. Then more wire wraps around my wrists yanking my arms up. the belt flies up against my belly pulling it up as it pulls me tight to the wall. Then I feel the wire around my ankles just before my legs are yanked apart leaving me suspended on the wall.

I see the rod begin to move side to side slowly at first, but then it moves faster and faster until it flies up swatting my pubic mound hard. I clench my teeth feeling the burn, and I close my eyes listening to ti whistle as it flies through the air. I feel it striking my breasts, and pubic mound over and over. I really flinch and moan when it grazes my crotch. It seems to go on for a long time before it actually cuts across my labia. I moan and writhe in agony as the sting becomes overbearing.

I swats me over and over on my inner thighs, and across my crotch. Then I feel it push against my mouth forcing my lips apart. I can taste myself on the wood telling me that my pussy is wet. I feel my skin burning as the wires loosen around my wrists and ankles. I fall to the floor on my left side sobbing uncontrollably. I feel my legs sliding across each other. I look down wiping my eyes to see. I see my legs are all wet from my juices flowing.

The wires around my breasts pull at my skin, and I reach to get them off. My wrist is grabbed, and I am forced onto my hands and knees. I feel my thong pull up lifting me off the ground before they rip off me. My knees are forced to open wide making my ass cheeks spread open. The cold basement air is cold on my exposed holes. Then I feel as though something is behind me and really angry.

"Whore." The device rings out.

Then I feel as though a rather large cock enters me in one shove making my body push forward as the spectral hips slam against my ass. It feels like my vagina is being filled to capacity, and a pair of large hands are grabbing my hips hard. The cock pulls back before slamming deep into me again. I moan in pleasure as I am fucked hard by the spirit. I feel my tied breasts swaying from the impacts, and it feels so good.

"Fuck me." I moan.

Feeling my orgasm finally approaching. It's all I desire. Full of lustful desire I feel myself pushing back against the ghost cock feeling my ass crash against the brick wall of a specter. I feel sharp nails drag across my back bringing me to the edge of orgasm. Then I feel the dick pull out of me. I sway my ass wanting more.

"I need some more punishment."

Then the cock slams back into me harder than ever. It actually hurts in a good way. I feel it grow and harden more, and then I feel a heat build inside of me bloating my womb. It lasts for almost a minute with constant filling, but nothing feels like it's leaking out like cum would. I just fuck it wanting my orgasm.

The cock never softens, and just as I'm about to let loose I feel it pull out again. Again I sway my ass taunting. Then I feel it plunge into my asshole forcing through my sphincter before my body could react. It's all the way in my guts before the burning pain sets in as my ass clenches down tight to the large phantom cock. It feels like it's splitting me in two, and my legs shake from the pain. I feel my hair yank back as the cock pushes as deep as it can. I can feel hips grinding against my butt cheeks moving side to side as it stretches against my once virginal hole.

Then it pulls back. I feel my ass clench tight when it's out. then it plunges back in hard. I scream as it forces back in tearing me open. Again it pushes hard moving side to side before withdrawing again. Again it rams into me making me scream again. It punishes my asshole like this for a while before I feel my sphincter finally give in, and allow it to just fuck me. My ass cheeks tremble as the ghostly hips slam against them, and my insides feel like they're being rearranged.

My hair is pulled making me slam back against it's thrusts. My body goes numb from my waist down, and I can only feel the dick plunging in and out of me. It's making my womb tingle, and I find myself reaching down to my clit as the cock uses me. The specter rams me harder forcing me to stop to support myself. It goes on for a while with my guts being plunged savagely. Then without warning I feel my body shake hard as the orgasmic waves run through me.

I moan loud as the pleasure overcomes me, and I hear a growl as my guts begin to swell as the hot filling bloats my asshole. I revel in the pleasure for as long as I can before it subsides. Then I feel the cock pull out of me as I hear the door open. I just stay there wondering what just happened. In a short time Jose is kneeling beside me.

"Are you okay?" He asks concerned.

"Did that really happen?" I ask.

"Yup, and I got it all on camera."

I laugh uncontrollably saying, "You got a sex tape for ghost evidence."

I roll onto my side feeling the wires still around my boobs, and my skin burning. My insides feel like I'm really bloated, and my ass feels completely destroyed. I am tired from my intense orgasm, but still horny.

"You know I'm naked right?" I ask.

"That's obvious."

I grab his crotch looking him in the eyes.

"Fuck me then."

He just looks at me in disbelief so I unzip his pants pulling his dick out stroking it hard. I twist until I can suck it, and he kneels there letting me as he moans. In a few minutes I taste his cum as he loses control. I swallow it all down, and then rub his balls and suck more until he's hard again. Then I lay on my back as he moves between my legs slipping right into me.

"Just don't cum in my pussy."

He then pulls out sliding into my asshole. I take him easily after the abuse my ass just endured.

"That'll work." I moan as he fucks me with renewed vigor.

I feel another intense orgasm in no time, and it's followed by him filling my asshole with his cum. It feels so wonderful.

"I like our friendship. Even though it can be a pain in the ass sometimes." I joke as his cock drains into me.

He stays silent, and I see the room go black. When I come to I am still laying there naked, but Jose is gone. I slowly stand and walk up the stairs sore all over, and I feel his cum leaking out of my ass down my leg.

"Jose?" I call out in the dark Bistro.

No answer. I walk into the video room, but he's not there. Then I check Mark's office, and see him in the chair sound asleep. I close the door as I walk out, and go to grab my clothes. When I look down the hall I see a black shape at the end of the hall. It's over six feet tall, and looks like a man.

"Who are you?" I ask. "Are you back for more?"

It doesn't more, or answer. I turn to go into the changing room, and feel as though it's right behind me. I hear a faint whisper in my ear, but I can't make it out. I feel the cold press against my bare back, and feel large hands wrap around my breasts making my nipple harden almost painfully.

"You seem to like."

I lay may hands flat on the wall feeling myself getting horny once more. I feel my hair gently sweep back off my face, and feel the hand run down my right side to my hip and ass. I spread my feet offering myself as my pussy flushes with anticipation.

"Is this better?"

I hear a faint, "Yes." whisper in my left ear.

The cold hand runs over my right ass cheek to my crotch. I feel the cold air touch my heated labia making me moan.

"Nice." I hear whispered.

I move my feet back as I keep my hands on the wall bending over. The left hand moves from massaging my breast to pinching my nipple gently. Then the right hand moves back up my back gently until it's just above my ass. I feel it grab hold softly just as I feel a cold hard cock slide into my eager pussy. I moan loudly as it stretches and fills my vagina until I can feel it hit my cervix. I have never been so full in my life.

"Fuck me." I beg.

I am answered with the ghost slowly fucking my pussy. It feels so good. The hall is filled with the sounds of my moans, and the sound of a really wet me getting fucked. His hips softly slap my ass as I am made love to. An orgasm slowly rises inside of me, and being stuffed so full is driving me wild.

"Harder. Make me cum." I beg.

The pace stays steady. My orgasm approaches so slowly, but it keeps growing as it nears. The hands clench and massage my back as I am used. I've never felt so much lust before. My body rocks back to fuck harder. My legs grow weak as my pleasure comes to a peak. I feel the hands grip the top of my ass cheeks clenching as I am pulled back onto the spectral cock.

"YES!" I moan loud.

I feel the dick push deep, and begin to throb setting off my own orgasm. My legs shake and get weak, but I'm held up by the cock inside of me. I can feel it throbbing as my vagina quivers against it. It's the most intense orgasm I've had in a long time, and I can feel the juices dripping out of me as I'm filled. I don't want it to end.

When it does end I am left quivering as I stand there bent over. I feel the dick slowly slip out of me, and then I'm left feeling empty inside. I feel so satisfied, and it felt so real. Looking down I see a small puddle on the tile floor between my legs. I wonder if it's mine, and I smell it. It smells like semen. Then I taste it. It is semen. I begin to wonder if I can get pregnant from ghost cum? Then I stand up to feel it ooze down my legs.

"Wow." I say. "That was so good."

I look down the hall to see the figure as it fades away. Then I go to clean up. I sit on the toilet pushing out as much cum as I can, but there's just so much. I wrap some toilet paper up putting it in the crotch of my pants as I dress. The sun is coming up when I finish, and I walk out to the dining area finding a booth to curl up in.

Before I know it I am being woke up by Mark.

"What did you discover in you little investigation?" He asks.

"Not much." I say groggily.

I don't want to say what actually happened.

"So you're not going to quit then?"

"Hell no. Why would I do that? Being here has been a great and filling experience."

"That's great to hear." He says walking away.

I get up, and get straightened up. I look at myself in the mirror to see the bruises, and all the welts. There's even marks from where the wires were wrapped around my boobs. My asshole twinges with a pinch as I recall losing my anal virginity. Then I go downstairs to pick up. I walk to the back to see all of my clothes shredded all over. I pick them up, and then see my missing bras and underwear hanging from wine bottles as I walk back out. I giggle as I collect them, and feel a sound slap on my ass as I step on the stairs back up.

"Really?" I ask stopping.

Then I feel a hand grab my crotch roughly. I moan and sigh.

"That's better."

"Good. Whore." The machine chimes off.

I look back to see a dark shape in the far back. I smile.

"Later. I want to heal first." I say walking up the stairs.

As I dispose of the trash, and put away my underwear I hear a whisper in my ear. I look around to see that I'm alone.

"You're so sexy my love." I heard a bit louder.

"Thanks sweetie." I giggle.

Jose comes out of Mark's office, and we go to get breakfast somewhere else. Jose buys, and we chat about what happened. I tell him that I found it to be very exciting and loved it. He was surprised, and told me how he was worried for me. We are soon done, and head back to the Bistro. Jose starts his shift, and Mark calls me into his office.

Mark motions for me to sit after I walk into his office. He closes the door behind me. I sit in the chair in front of his desk, and he sits on the corner looking down at me.

"Do you want to continue working here Michele?"

"Yes." I say fearing the worst.

"Good. We like you here too. I have talked with Jose about your investigation last night. I'm sorry for what you went through last night, and I'd hate to have to let you go after that. But..." He pauses.

I feel myself fill with anxiety waiting to hear the inevitable words.

"But, you have to work on your discretion. As you well know I have cameras everywhere in here. There's not much I don't see. Except for the bathrooms this place is covered, and if someone complains I'll be forced to let you go. I don't want that. Business has been steadily improving since you started. Profits are up, and people are requesting you by name more often than not. I'd like if you could be here more to bring profits up even higher, but I'm grateful for the few days we have you. I've seen that you and Jose have a close friendship, and I just feel the need to tell you to be careful so we can continue like we are."

I am relieved knowing that I'm not getting fired.

"There's another dress in the closet that might fit you. It'll help you to get the tips in a way that you're used to. Go get it."

I walk to the closet to find a iridescent black dress with a deep plunging bodice surrounded by black lace. There's a red bow in the back right above the butt, and the dress portion is black lace over a red tulle. I turn to him holding it.

"That's the one. Try it on."

I open the door to go to the changing room, and I see that there's a crew changing the lights in the room.

"It's closed right now so I can't." I say closing the door behind myself as I remain in the room.

"That's too bad. I'd love to see the look on your face when you see yourself in it."

I walk to the closet listening to him, and when he finishes I turn to look at him. That's when I see the computer screen on his desk has a the security snapshot of me filling the screen. I can clearly see my breast as I lean over the table. Then my eyes are drawn t the other bigger computer screen. I see myself bending over in the hall. I realize it's the camera footage from last night.

I can see myself clearly, and it leaves nothing to the imagination. The angle shows my boobs swinging as my body moves back and forth. I can see my labia moving and see the impact on my ass cheeks as though I'm being fucked. I see myself look into the camera with pure pleasure in my eyes as I moan in delight. I watch for a few seconds at myself being fucked, and my pussy flushes with wetness as my soul fills with lust.

I turn away setting my mind, and I pull my shirt up off over my head. Then I let my pants drop to the floor forgetting that I have zero underwear on underneath. And not really caring either.

"Damn. That has to hurt." I hear him mutter.

I pull the dress over my head tugging it down feeling the snug fabric holding me in a sort of bear hug. My boobs are crushed under the fabric of the bodice, and I look down to see that they are crushed and straining to break free. Making sure my nipples are covered I realize that the fabric is just enough to cover my areolas before changing to the lace. I feel like I'm going to fall out if the lace doesn't give way under the strain.

"There's a mirror over there." He offers.

I walk to it. The dress opens allowing my legs through the large slits in the front showing me that it's just layers of fabric, and not one piece. I look at myself, and I'm awed. My chest is straining against the bodice, the lace is holding somehow, and my legs are bared whenever I move. My pale white skin stands out against the dark black of the fabric.

"Looks nice, I think. Do you think that'll give you the tips you want?"

"And then some." I say smiling.

I turn to look at him, and I see the bulge in his pants. I turn to let him see me in it, and then step right in front of him smiling and putting my hand on his knee feeling my mouth watering for a cock.

"I bet it'll look much better after you heal." He says pulling my hand off his leg. "That a couple of weekends off, and come back refreshed. I'll give you a few days of paid time off. You've earned it."

"I just hope it keeps me contained." I say walking to the closet.

I bounce, jump, and twist letting him watch me. My chest stays contained. I unzip the back feeling the strain ease as my eyes find the big screen just in time to see myself moaning in orgasm, and I can see the ghost cum leaking out of me and puddling on the ground between my legs.

I pull the dress down watching the monitor, and am quickly standing in front of Mark stark naked. He just stares at me, but in my horniness I'm glad.

"Your poor tits. You really are okay?"

"Yes. They're so sensitive right now that it a total new experience that I'm liking."

"I hope you heal completely. Those marks looks nasty."

I turn to pick up my top and pants off the floor, and I see Mark still staring. I purposely stand with my legs apart before bending at the waist. I see his eyes fixated on me as I bend. Taking advantage of things I reach back pretending to itch the back of my leg, but really spreading my crotch and ass for him. I see him adjust his dick in his pants. Then I slowly dress feeling his eyes on me.

I wave at Jose on my way out telling him that I'll see him in a couple of weeks. He waves back, and Tonya mumbles something as she walks in to change. I step in front of her telling her to repeat what she said.

"You can kiss my ass if you deserve any time off bitch." She sneers.

"Honey, if I ever kissed your ass you'd never go back to Sue." I laugh.

"You're such a fucking trashy whore. Nothing but a fat useless whore."

I walk up to her seeing the fear in her eyes. Grabbing her hair I pull her face down to mine so we're face to face.

"Yes, I'm fat. So are you babe. From what I've seen the people here seem to have more use for me than you. And if being paid to do what we do makes me a whore so be it. That would make you a whore too, but with that stick so far up your ass I might get a sliver in my tongue if I ever did kiss your ass."

I look her in the eyes directly seeing that she's speechless, and scared. I then pull her tight to me kissing her right on the lips shoving my tongue into her mouth. I wrap my arms around her holding her tight as I kiss her for a minute before letting her free. She just stares at me stunned. I feel so full of myself, and happy.

I look her over, and see her nipples poking against the fabric of her loose fitting shirt standing erect. Smiling I turn to walk away, and Jose gives me a thumbs up laughing. As I walk out the door I look back to see Tonya still standing there watching me. I blow her a kiss letting the door close behind me. I think about what I did all the way home, and It makes me so horny.

I've only ever kissed one other girl, and that was an experience eased by alcohol. I'm completely sober now, and I took charge which is way out of my element. But yet I'm glad I did it. Just thinking about it is making me so wet. I do everything I can to take my mind off my horniness all day until I try to have sex with my husband that night. He leaves me unsatisfied again when he turns over snoring.

The next day Jose texts me asking what happened, and I explained the entire thing to him. He told me that Tonya and Sue got into an argument, and Sue tried to fire Tonya. Mark wouldn't let her so Sue quit. Mark made Trisha the full time hostess, and the tensions are almost completely gone in the Bistro. We set a time for a lunch date, and my husband gives his blessing.

I meet Jose at a small park next to the lake where he is busy cooking a lunch for us. I see a table all set up for us, and sit at it. He smiles when he sees me, and continues cooking. In a few minutes he sets a plate in front of me with a steak and veggies on it before setting his down across from me. He pours some wine, and sits across from me.

I dig in asking, "So you gave Mark all the video of our lock in?"

"Yes, I have the original though. Are you mad?"

"No. The idea actually turns me on for some reason."

"You like others seeing you?"

"I guess so."

He smiles as he eats watching me for a few seconds.

"Are you wearing underwear?"

"Just panties." I answer. "I need to do laundry."

"Take off you top."

"What?" I ask stunned.

"You like others to see you. Take off your top."

I pull my tee up over my head obeying him for some reason even though I know I shouldn't.

"They're really bruised."

I smile looking at the purple bruises covering my chest.

"So is my ass." I add.

"Show me."

I stand up pulling my pants down as I turn my back to him showing him my ass cheeks.

"Take them off."

I obey, and am soon standing there naked.

"Eat. Before it gets cold."

"It's not the food I'm worried about getting cold."

"I bet you're quite warm. You look pretty hot from here."

I have to admit that I am really horny and wet. I don't know if anyone can even see me, but the chance is there and enough to get me going.

"Touch yourself." He commands.

I reach down feeling my cold fingers touching my wet hot clit. I moan from the attention, and my legs open wide.

"Shove two fingers in."

I comply, and fuck myself with two fingers while he sits on the table in front of me stroking himself. His cock so close and so hard makes me want it. My hand moves with the rhythm of him stroking himself. In ma matter of minutes I feel the pangs of orgasm rip through me. I moan and shake in delight feeling some of my stress release. I see him stroking every time I look up.

All too soon I feel my pleasure ebb, and soon I am left panting and feeling an occasional jolt of bliss. I watch as Jose leans forward, and I see his cum come flying out the tip before landing all over my chest. It's so warm at first, but then cools fast as it runs down my body. Stream after stream covers my boobs before he rubs it in with his cock wiping the last drops on me.

"Leave it until tomorrow. Wear me with pride." He commands.

He kisses my forehead before telling me that he has to get back. I watch as he takes my clothes walking away. Across the park I see him lay them on my car before waving at me, and then driving away leaving me naked sitting on the bench covered in his semen. Now I have to actually walk in the open to get to may car. It's the middle of the afternoon, and the sun is shining bright.

I feel my pussy tingle as I begin to stand. I wonder how many will see me, and what they will do if they do see me? I slowly begin to make my walk looking down so I don't have to make any eye contact with anyone.

I hurried to my car covering my boobs as much as I could. I spotted a couple of guys watching me and they had their phones out. I jump in my car and drive off. I stop a few blocks away to dress, and I see the wet spot on my seat where I am sitting. Grabbing an old rag, I place it over my seat before I sit back down.

"You're an ass." I text Jose when I get home.

"You're welcome. I know you wanted to show yours off."

I sit back, and spend time with my family. Being horny as much as I am I try to get frisky with my husband. I even get his dick hard in my mouth, but he just pushes me away saying that he's trying to sleep. I give up, and fall asleep feeling rejected, dejected, and still unsatisfied.

The weeks fly by. Jose tells me that Sue and Mark have split, and that Tonya has been moping around. My bruises are mostly healed, and my husband being himself, I decide to return to the Bistro.

Trish hugs me when I get in, and I see Tonya smile when she sees me. Jose and the kitchen crew welcome me back as I walk by. Peeking into Mark's office as I knock I see Mark sitting there watching his computer screens.

"Welcome back pretty lady! How are you doing?"

"I'm good. All healed, and ready to work."

I walk in heading to the closet grabbing my dress. I strip down in front of him as though it were normal. He just stares. I slip the dress on squeezing myself into it again. It feels like it's even more snug, and my boobs are looking like they're going to pop out from their crushing confines.

"That looks even better on you now that you're healed up. I love the way the black contrasts your white skin."

I head in to the dining room turning heads the entire way. My customers all enjoy me wearing it too, and tip me accordingly. The night is good with the stress level way down from what it was.

Saturday night it's super busy. My customers tell me that they missed me, but the word is out that I'm back. I get groped and propositioned all night, and it doesn't help my lust. I even consider a couple offers, but I don't accept any.

Sunday it's busy once again, and Mark calls me in at 8 saying that people are asking for me. I hurry in, and change into my outfit. The door shuts as I go to exit stopping me in my tracks. I feel someone behind me, and I swing around to look. I see Tonya standing in the door to the bathroom.

"He likes you." She says walking up to me.

"Who are you talking about?"

"Him." She says pointing to the corner of the room.

I look to see a large black shadow in the corner.

"He knows I'm married." I say. "But he can have you."

"No. He can't." She says standing face to face with me. "I want another."

She then grabs me, and kisses me passionately. This time I'm stunned. She reaches under my dress grabbing my underwear.

"A sexy whore like you don't need these." She says ripping them off me.

I kiss her again, and undo her baggy pants letting them drop to the floor. My fingers find her crotch, and I soon pull her underwear off her for access. I get her so wet and horny before I pull her to the floor.

I pull her on top of me so she's straddling me, and I spread her pussy open while I let my hands roam her body while we kiss. She moans, and my fingers on her ass cheeks feel like they're being squished. Her body begins to sway as though she's being fucked.

I hold her close, and feel her bottom end push up as her body absorbs the impacts. Her moans fill the room, and I lift her shirt as her body is pushed higher. Her breasts sway in my face so I begin to suck and nibble her nipples. Slowly she is fucked until her crotch I'd over my face.

I lick her pussy tasting the sweet flavor of her. She moans loud as she orgasms. I feel her body push forward, and then taste semen as the juices run down my tongue. I lick her up before I hear my name being called.

I hurry out leaving her panting. I rush to work, and see Tonya wander out about ten minutes later with a huge smile.

"I'm glad you're happy. I'm still needing." I complain to her in passing.

"You can kiss my ass if I care."

"Any day." I answer.

A few of my regular more daring customers grab quick feels at my chest through the open front bodice of my dress. One even puts his hand up my dress. I just keep clearing the table feeling his hand run up the back of my right thigh. Then I feel his finger slip right into my vagina. He moves his finger around inside of me making my knees weak. I hold back a moan as I stack the dirty dishes. I look up to see them all staring at me. I look down at the table feeling dirty. A second finger slips into me making me jump and moan in pleasure. It feels so good. Too good. I remember Mark telling me to be more discreet, and this is anything but.

I grab the dishes, and walk away wishing I could have stayed. I look back to see the guy licking his fingers. Tonya looks over at me smiling. I feel like she had something to do with that. I walk over to her, and I ask. She admits that she told them that I wasn't wearing any underwear. I call her a bitch smiling as I walk away.

"You know you love it." She shouts across the crowded room.

A few of the customers look as I smile knowing that she's right. I'm too damn horny to care. The night goes by fast, and the table with the groping man is finally ready for their bill one asks me what my hours are.

"I work until after close."

"Just today, or...?"

"Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have an honest job besides here." I laugh.

"This isn't honest?"

"My husband wouldn't think so." I joke.

The man beside me is an older man in his sixties, and he drops a knife right behind me.

"So sorry sweetie." He apologizes as I turn to pick it up.

About half way down I figure out the ruse when I happen to notice them all staring at me. I grab the knife, and put it in the dirty bin quick before returning for their glasses. I take the first one which still has ice in it, and I turn purposely dropping it. I drop to my knees with my ass toward the table. I make sure my legs are apart far enough for the dress to flop open in the back. I can feel the cool dining room air on my overheated crotch telling me that I'm fully exposed for them all to see.

I scoop the ice back into the glass before standing back up apologizing for my clumsiness. Grabbing more glasses I place them in the bin seeing the men at a couple of nearby tables smile at me. Trish shuts off the open sign, and I deliver the final tabs to my tables. Tonya washes down her empty section resetting it, and I wait for my customers to leave. The table of men is the last to go, and they all give me a pat on the ass as they leave telling me that they'll be back soon.

I smile seeing the $100 tip on the table. I finally am able to reset my section. When I get the napkins out of the back room I feel a strong pull toward the basement door. I ignore it. Jose tells me that I look really nice in my new dress, and I thank him as I walk past. Tonya is sitting in her section talking to Trish when I get back, and finish my work. Trisha smiles as she tells me good bye. I watch as Jose leads her out the back.

"Why did you tell them that I was commando?" I ask sitting at the table beside her.

"I wanted to see what would happen."


"Not exactly what I imagined, but close. I didn't figure that he'd be so obvious about it, but I didn't figure you'd just let him feel you up either."

"He wasn't just feeling." I admit.

"Oh my God! He fingered you?"

"Oh yeah. I almost came right at the table."

"You are such a whore."

"You too." We laugh.

"We better get changed." She says leading me into the dressing room.

I'm surprised that she's pulling me in with her, but I let it happen. I unzip my dress while watching her dress fall to the floor. I'm awed by her beautiful body. Her breasts are large and supple. they look so soft. Her belly isn't flat, but just enough to let one know that she's all real. Her hips are wide, and look so sexy. Her ass is nice and round. I see it jiggle slightly as she steps out of her dress.

"Like what you see?" She asks. "This is why I wear baggy clothes. The guys like it too, but they don't shut up about it. It's so annoying."

"I wish I had a body like yours."

She turns walking up to me, and I see her red pubic hair highlighting her crotch. She pulls my dress down letting it too hit the floor.

"Your body isn't like mine, but it is sexy. You have the proof that you have lived with all of your marks, and your breasts aren't just for show either. They look nice with your pretty hard nipples poking right out like they are."

She leans in kissing me quick on the lips.

"You know. I didn't know what to make of you when I first saw you. Sue convinced me that you were after my job. Then when you kissed me something inside of me just snapped. I realized that you aren't after my job, and that you really do like me. I had never been kissed like that in my life, but you left me wanting more."

I grab the sides of her head puling her face to mine as she talks. I silence her with my lips on hers, and I let my tongue slip into her mouth to find hers. We kiss passionately, and I pull her tight to me. She moans in my mouth while I feel her naked body writhe against mine. I kiss my way down her neck to her breasts. They are so soft and warm. Her nipples are so firm against my tongue. I lick and suck all the way down her belly feeling her soft skin on my face. I nuzzle my nose in the warm folds of her crotch as I lick her labia searching for her clit.

Her legs open letting me in, and I feel the hard little clit on my tongue. I wrap my lips around it sucking as I flick it with my tongue driving her wild. I stop when I feel her legs begin to give way. Then I stand back up kissing back to her lips. We kiss for a minute or two before I spin her around. I then kiss my way down over her left shoulder, down over her spine, and all the way to the top of her butt crack. I use my hands to rub the backs of her legs, and urge them apart.

I rub upward while kissing and nibbling on the tops of her ass cheeks until my hands are on her back. Pushing forward she takes the hint and bends over with her hands on the seat of the chair in front of her. I kiss and nibble my way down her right butt cheek to the bottom, and then back up. I repeat this with the left cheek kissing my way back to the top of her crack. Then I run my tongue down the left edge of her crack making her skin fill with goose bumps. She jumps when I get to the bottom, and switch to the other side.

When I'm back at the top I let my tongue find the center of the small of her back, and I slowly run it down her ass crack until I feel her butt hole clench under it. I lick back up over it a couple of times making her jump and moan. Then I grabs her cheeks, and bury my face in her crack while I lap up her little asshole. I get it really wet with my spit before I look to see the pinkish brown hole right in front of me. I can't believe I'm even doing what I'm doing, but I'm just too horny to care.

I dive back in shoving my tongue into her little hole. I feel it clamp down around my tongue making her moan again. Then I run my hands back up the backs of her legs until my fingertips find her wet pussy. I slip my middle finger on my right hand deep into her. Her little hole relaxes, and I slide my tongue in and out along with my finger in her puss.

She is quickly moaning and wiggling while I pleasure her. Her hips push back fucking my face and hand. She's loving it. And so am I. Her ass is grinding against me harder and harder until I feel her little hole quivering around my tongue. Her pussy flushes with wetness as it vibrates on my finger. She moans non stop as her body shakes. I keep going until she calms down. Then I sit back looking up at her. She smiles back at me patting me on the head.

"Good dog?" I ask joking.

"You can be my bitch any day."

"But you're the bitch of the shop."

We laugh. I stand up. We kiss again before she says that she has to go. I watch her dress quick, and
I tell her to sip the underwear for a few days, and quit being a prude. Then she'll get better tips, and more customers. She just smiles back at me as Jose lets her out of the door. I just stand there in the door of the dressing room naked watching.

"I see you two are getting along better." Jose asks me after locking the door.

"I think she's finally realized that I'm not here to be her enemy."

"Standing like that I'd say you're here to be a lover."

I remember that I'm still naked, and laugh.


Just then the sou chef walks around the corner. He gets a good view of me.

"This is our best server, Michele." Jose introduces us.

"This is Juan. He's my cousin, and the new sou chef."

I see Juan look away quick. He looks to be in his early twenties so he must be bashful.

"Don't worry amigo. Michele is very open about herself. She doesn't care if you see her naked."

He looks up at me looking me over good. I see him staring, and I turn around so he can see my ass too. I bend down telling him that most guys want to see what's between my legs, and I let him get a good look.

"It's just a body. Everyone has one, and God gave me mine. It's not perfect, and some would say it's not pretty, but it's mine."

"I think it looks real nice." Jose says patting my ass.

Juan says something to Jose in Spanish that I don't understand, and then he walks away. I just look at him confused.

"He's young and bashful. It's not you." Jose tells me.

"That's good. I was worried I offended him for a second."

"No, but we do have to get going. I have to drive him home tonight."

"Okay. I'll get dressed if you really want me to." I tease.

"I don't, but you have to." He answers.

I close the door getting dressed quick, and then Jose and Juan walk me to my car. I start it up rolling down the window, and I hear Juan talking Spanish. Jose replies in English telling him to settle down, and that his time will come. I even hear him say what sounded like, "She's married." I see them get into Jose's car before I drive home.

I am so horny, and need such a release. I practically beg my husband to fuck me. He half halfheartedly kisses me. I feel the total lack of emotion, and I get angry. My emotions peak, and I let loose on him. For over an hour I scream at him about everything that's been bugging me. I am so horny and frustrated that I just can't help it. I rage on with him arguing back until I give up and leave the house.

I drive around crying for a while before something tells me to go to the Bistro. When I get there I see a light on inside. Curious I go to check it out. I look through the window, but don't see anything. I try the door. It's unlocked. Walking in I listen. It's silent. My eyes are drawn to the basement door. I watch it slowly swing open. I feel a cold wind blow past me, and feel a cold touch on the crotch of my pants.

"He wants you." I hear whispered in my left ear. "Go to him."

I feel my soul fill with intense fear when I see a pair of red eyes looking up at me from the bottom of the stairs in the darkness. It's too much, and I run back to my car locking the car door behind myself. I see the light go out, and then I drive home. My husband apologizes, and we just go to bed.

The rest of the week is just as uneventful as most of my life. Then on Friday Tonya is waiting for me when I get in to work.

"You'll never believe what happened when I left last Sunday. I got home, and went to bed. I was thinking about what we did, and I felt a hand touching me. I looked up to see a black shape hovering over me. I wasn't scared. I felt my legs open, and a big dick fucking me. I came five times Michele. It was great. Then when it was time to come in to work today I couldn't find any of my underwear. No bras. No panties. Nothing."

"Sounds like you have an admirer."

"That's not funny."

"Henry must have followed you home. He'll keep you happy."

"Really?" She asks shocked. "Is that even possible?"

"It must be. Otherwise you have another by the sounds of it. There's nothing to worry about if it is Henry. You must remind him of his long lost love. At least you're getting some."

"You're married."

"Yup. To a monk."

We laugh, and carry on with our night. It's late as usual by the time we finish. I've been groped, felt, fingered, and almost brought to orgasm so many times that it's not even funny. When I get home I'm really in need, and the same argument ensues. I again leave, and find myself once more in the Bistro parking lot staring at the light inside.

I stare at the light wanting to go in, but my senses are telling me to run. I don't even realize what I'm doing until I find myself walking in through the door. Staring at the basement door feeling my heart pounding out of my chest I stand frozen. The door slowly swings open, and I again see the red eyes looking up at me. My shirt lifts from my waist up until it's pulling over my head. I feel cold hands touching my breasts, and pinching my nipples eliciting a moan from somewhere within me. My jeans loosen as I hear the zipper drop. Then I feel them pull down bunching around my ankles. The cold touch finds it's way to my crotch touching my over heated pussy over my underwear.
My legs shake, and I moan louder feeling the hands goading me toward the stairs. I find myself walking toward the red eyes and hearing a growling laugh. My feet touch the first step. My heart is beating so fast. Then the second step. one by one I descend feeling my entire body throbbing with the beat of my panicked heart. I see the light on the far end light up dimly. I walk towards it feeling that I'm being watched.

Once in the room I see a large cushion laying on the floor. On top of it is a wooden paddle. I kneel on the cushion, and lower myself onto my hands and knees with my ass in the air offering myself. I feel my crotch tingling with need even though I feel like I shouldn't be doing this. I feel like I'm breaking some law that I don't know about. The air stinks of rotting meat and sulphur.

"I'm here." I call out. "And I'm naughty."

I don't believe I'm even saying what I am.

"I deserve to be punished. I'm just a whore that needs to be straightened out."

I hear another growling laugh just to my left. Then I feel the paddle land hard across my ass. I moan as the sting sets in gritting my teeth bearing as much as I can.

"Thank you sir." I call out.

Another swat hits on the bottom of my ass, and then another at the top. I grunt bearing it. Swat after swat comes down on my ass beating me hard. Slowly at first, and then speeding up faster and faster until my tears are streaming down my face. I feel my underwear fall free from my right side, and I see through my blurry eyes that they have been spanked to tatters. My ass is on fire, but the swats continue. My underwear are soon laying under me spanked completely off me. Then I feel the paddle come down hard, and feel it cut in as it splinters to pieces against my ass.

The remnants of the paddle fall onto the cushion under my face, and I am left on all fours sobbing with my ass burning with ache. After a few minutes I struggle to my feet. I try to walk, but fall to the cushion on my right side. I again struggle to my feet only to feel something pinch my nipples, and pull me across the room to a table in the corner. My breasts stand straight out as I'm pulled. I feel a wire wrap around them both tying them tight just like the last time. Then in front of the table I am pulled onto my back by my breasts. My hands are pulled to the sides, and something wraps around my wrists binding me to the table.

My ankles are yanked high into the air, and my legs are spread wide as the wire around my ankles lifts my ass up off the table. My breasts are yanked up into the air pulling them hard. I see the red eyes off to my right, and slowly moving toward my open legs. The light goes out leaving me in total darkness. The eyes seems to get redder as they move closer between my legs. My heart is pounding fast, but my crotch is dripping with want.

I feel something slimy touch the tip of my ass cheeks and slowly move up both cheeks, along the side of my labia, and up my belly to my boobs. It. Wraps around my nipples covering my chest in slime. My nipples are Rick hard and sensitive feeling it moving over them. The eyes are right between my legs staring at me.

It moves back down to my crotch, and I feel it moving down over my clit. I moan. The thing also moves down over my asshole. I feel myself wanting it, and I don't have to wait long before it slides into my pussy.

I moan in sheer pleasure. Finally some attention. It also slides into my asshole making me moan louder. It moves in and out fucking both of my holes deep. It feels so good. I soon orgasm unexpectedly. It's just enough to leave me wanting more.

It pulls out of me, and I watch the red eyes hover over the top of me. I feel something hot touch my vaginal opening. It pushes into me filling my vagina so full. It stretches me out some, and I feel it hit my cervixbefore it stops. Slowly it begins to pull back before slamming back into me. My body shakes from the thrusting.

I feel my breasts being tugged from the strain they're under. It feels so damn good. I get closer and closer to a good orgasm each time it fills me. I moan for it to fuck me. I'm answered by feeling something hot touching my asshole. My vagina is already heated up by it, and now I feel my asshole slowly being opened up too.

I'm fucked as it stretches my backside wider and wider. It begins to hurt, but I'm too horny to care. My asshole has never been so full before, and it's still opening me. I feel my hole strain, and then it slides into me filling my guts.

A twinge of pain shoots through me making me groan. My bottom end feels like it's ready to burst because it's so full. Then it begins to fuck both of my holes together. It's an exciting, painful, and different experience that's indescribable.

All I see is the red eyes over the top of me as it fucks me. My entire body is alive with pain and pleasure. I can feel it slamming against me using me for its own pleasure. I can't contain my lust anymore. I moan so loud as my orgasm rushes through me with an intensity I've never felt before.

My body shakes violently for minutes before I finally feel it begin to ease. It fucks me through it all, and then just as I finish I hear a loud growl echoing from all around me.

I feel my pussy and rectum filling with its burning hot load of cum. My insides bloat from the sheer quantity. It leaks out as it over fills me, and I can feel it running down my body to the table covering my cheeks. It soon slows, and I can feel it pulsating inside of me.

It slowly pulls out if me, and I feel it squirt a couple of hot streaks of cum over my belly and crotch. Then the eyes move back into the corner, and I lay there satisfied at last. The binds holding me loosen, and my breasts are released. I just lay there as the lights pop on feeling myself leaking from every hole.

The eyes fade away, and I finally get the nerve to move. I walk up to clean myself up, and I see how bruised my ass is. Then I see my skin glistening with semen. Once I sit on the toilet most of it runs right out of me. After pushing what I can out I wipe off. I see some blood from my asshole, and wonder if I need to see a doctor. I decide to wait.

I look at the clock to see that it's only 4 in the morning. I head into Mark's office, and I sit in his chair. A file on his desk catches my eye. I look closer to see that it has my name on it. Opening it I find pictures of me and disks. I turn on his computer, and insert a disk. The screen fills with the camera footage of when I fucked Jose in the back room.

Now I know Mark has a thing for me, and it turns me on. I see his camera strap hanging out of the top drawers I look to see what's on it. The memory is empty. I have to change that. I take his camera, and I spend the next two hours snapping pictures of myself and various objects. Then I stand in front of the camera in the back room, and I run the camera strap along my pussy so he'll see it on camera. I put it away, and drive home completely naked and not caring.

My next shift I walk into Mark's office grabbing my dress from the closet. He sits there silent. I undress waiting to hear something, but get nothing. Having enough I walk over to him naked. He looks at me silent. I spin him facing me, and put his hands on my breasts. He pulls away quick so I sit on his desk spreading my legs wide. He just stares, and I let him.

"When you're ready for it, I'm ready for you." I say before walking back to grab my dress.

He stays silent, and I walk out to the changing room. Juan sees me, and stares. I wave saying hello. Jose walks out, and we hug saying hello. Then we part ways to begin the day.

Mark calls Tonya, Trisha, and me into his office a while later. When we're all in there he tells us that the Bistro us doing the best it ever has.

"We're having record profits, and you girls are the main reason why. Michele seems to have helped you both open up more, and it's showing. I want her to join us full time, but think it's going to take some convincing by alk of us."

Tonya and Trish both agree, and just look at me.

"I can't afford to lose that much money."

"I suppose you'd have to do more than just flash your boobs to make up the diffetence." Tonya jokes.

Trisha looks at her shocked.

"Yeah. There's laws against what I'd have to do." I snap back.

Trish is dumbfounded, but Tonya let's her in on things.

"Michele is just an old whore. She's let guys finger her for tips."

She looks at me, and I just smirk.

"You go girl." Trish says to me.

"And if she ever kisses your ass you'll fall in love with her." Tonya sighs.

"I don't swing that way, but okay." Trish says.

"I didn't either, but She's very hard to say no to."

Hearing this I contemplate things.

"I'll match your full time wages, and give you all the vacation you want." Mark offers.

"Deal." I say smiling.

Tonya grabs me giving me a deep tongue kiss. Trish watches in awe. I grab her, and I pull her lips to mine. Giving her a quick peck she just smiles nervously. Mark asks me to stay after they leave to fill out paperwork. As soon as the door shuts he takes out his camera.

"Need some more pictures?" I ask.

"No. You left me plenty. Why?"

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