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My blog is my struggle for self expression over the mis incidents and coincidences of my life.
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Love much, trust none
Posted:Feb 27, 2019 11:48 pm
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2019 6:22 pm

On November 13, 2013 I was living in Caseville, MI, due to the fact of my 15 year old was at that time living with Paternal Grandparents in Davison MI as I am from the Waterford MI area.
I received a message on date hook up from a man named Arthur, I spoke with Arthur for a minimum of one hour per night, for a period of ten days. During these conversations, we made plans to meet at his place for dinner. On November 23, 2013 I traveled to Gladwin MI and met Arthur at his home in Gladwin MI. He never informed me that he is a registered sex offender until February of 2014. I tried to put aside what he did and be his friend, but he insisted that we be romantic or nothing. I had developed feelings for Arthur and didn't want to switch partners over something he denied doing and spent over eight years being rehabilitated for. If there is a concern about him using his work computer to be on date hook up while he was on parole another witness to this is a woman, I only know as Michelle, who he also met via the internet and became involved with, the same time he was becoming involved with me.
In May of 2014 I chose to return to WI with my by then 16 year old for what I still think is in her best interest. I attempted to break things off with Arthur, but, he would not leave me be. Although I had him blocked from texting me or calling me, he would send pictures and graphics to my phone that would break through the block since they use the internet to be delivered. After awhile, a serious incident between my and I occured, that made it so, I sent her back to her father. After that I wanted nothing more then to return to MI to be with Arthur.
Within a few weeks, Arthur met me via greyhound bus in November of 2014 in Iron Mountain MI, we then traveled to the place I moved to in Lincoln Cty WI. Arthur helped me finish closing the house I had previously rented in Shawano Cty WI so that my could return to school before the incident that separated my and I. He packed my car, full of my things from my apartment in Lincoln Cty WI and we returned to Gladwin MI. While I spent time with him there, we made some home videos which involved us making love.
I never had any idea that he would later threaten me with these home videos. He threatened to show the home videos to my via social media. The account he has now is not the first alias account he has had with social media. Time went on and I continued to try working things out with Arthur, we broke off again, he threatened me with the videos again. Finally I had the last of it when he threatened me again in March of 2016. My youth had turned 18 and I could go with a semi clear conscious and spend enough time with Arthur at his place to destroy any videos and pictures involving myself.
When looking at the pen drive he had saved videos of him and I on, I witnessed two other videos with two other women. One I recognized as Brandi, and the other I believe to be a woman from Harrison MI who calls herself Chileta. I thought I did delete these videos, of myself and the other women. Until Arthur recently informed me he made copies of the videos. After he found me on an adult dating website called Sex Friends on Tuesday June 21, 2016. I blocked him from seeing me on there as fast as I could, but the site doesn't always work properly. I also hid my friends list, but regretfully failed to remove my top fans list of men. Arthur informed me via voicemail Thursday night, June 23rd 2016 that he was going to show all of my Sex Friends friends the videos, my pictures and name. He threatened to do this with my top fans list and anyone who commented on any selfie pictures or selfie videos I had posted there anonymously. On the morning of Friday June 25, 2016 I found out from a friend, he had indeed contacted this friend and for a fact at least one to two other members of Sex Friends, They of course only let me know and refused to make any further contact with me.
Arthur has no rights, he is a registered sex offender and is currently incarcerated for up to 20 years, for strangulating his trans gender live in girl friend. Had the police, acted on the threats he put against me as the reality they were at the time, he would had never had the chance to attempt to endanger this woman's life. I live in fear of the day he is released, which could actually be within six months time, that is up this past month. I don't think he should ever be released, he should be institutionalized maximally. He is a true menace to human life and will most likely strike again when he is released, regardless of his age, this is what some types do, they pretend, they wait, they pretend, they strike, they withdraw and strike again and again, until they are caught or worse. Please anyone be aware of people like this, protect yourselves, look around, ask questions! These types are only out to further themselves and mame, harm, demise or poison those they come in contact with.
Much love and peace,
He Wanted a Caregiver
Posted:Feb 12, 2019 10:15 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2019 6:29 pm
I met a man on personal ads in January of 2016...we spoke on the phone every night for three nights for two or three hours. I suppose at some point he told me he had R/A, I didn't really know what this was or cared, I didn't intend to become involved with him, not at all. He struggled to involve me with him for three years. We met the fourth night that week and it was nice till he told me he preferred a different type of nipples then what I had. I had to sleep a couple hours where we were and then I got up and went home. He begged and he pleaded and he apologized till I agreed to give him a chance. Long story short, he stalked me, he badgered me, he emotionally abused me, nearly destroying my sexuality and openess to life. I gave him many chances, residing with him in his rented shack at least three times. Each time he would get extremely drunk and high on pain medication and scare me, bad. I finally broke away in the third quarter of 2018 after my first attempt in the second quarter. In the last quarter of 2018 I met a friend who told me straight up "he was looking for a caregiver" when Bill told me that I thought I was going to faint and thought wow, that is so not me. I think this man should be ashamed of himself to try involve himself with an already empty single mother. I practically had nothing to give and anything I had to give he took. I am so empty now and quite hurt after three years and two and a half being a horrid roller coaster ride. I pretend I'm okay and recovered but I know I am not. Early this year yet, I already told him if he thinks I'm going to continue not being sexually fulfilled he has another thing coming. His "rule" is I am not allowed to return to him if I have sex with another man...ffs who the hell am I supposed to have sex with! He can barely do anything and cums straight away anyhow. I told him the fact that he can touch himself is a gift, for with his hands, one day he will not be able to. I don't even think he has respect for that. I'm so ashamed it took me so long to tare away from such a malignant human being. But I've done it and at last am relieved, for I am No caregiver. Let's get on with having sex, so he will no longer want me. Thank you for reading, thank you for your considerations and thoughts, and advice. Love Sugar
Posted:Dec 28, 2018 7:29 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2019 7:21 pm
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