A Ferrari Day  

Sapiogurl 56F  
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5/28/2017 7:26 am
A Ferrari Day

I'm sorry Lewis

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HamburgDave2 75M
16567 posts
5/28/2017 7:30 am

And Jenson crashed out of his last Race....Bummer

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s2ndegree 60M  
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5/28/2017 8:29 am

Monaco is a grid that is more about the Principality,which is totally cool with me.
Being a total F 1 nut ,it just isn't the highlight of the season.I still cringe to this day
the very thought that the old man actually sat down with Ford and accepted a price for the manufacturing side of Ferrari but Enzo would hold on to the racing side.On behalf of all the Tefossi, I too thank God it never happened.

Auto avio castrussioni!

Using more than all the road!

Sapiogurl replies on 5/28/2017 9:49 am:
Right on!

redrockrascal 60M
19938 posts
5/28/2017 10:23 am

I couldn't find a feel for Monaco - watching the 500 now.

Just after the Dixon/Howard crash ugly crash.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

PyschoLoco 56M
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5/28/2017 12:12 pm

Looks like someone jacked your penis car,doll .

Standards are people too.....kinda

Sapiogurl replies on 5/28/2017 8:34 pm:
As usual

Leegs2012 46M
40304 posts
5/29/2017 5:24 am

Nice Wheels!!

azriel1970 48M  
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5/29/2017 5:27 am

I want to be at Monoco one year!

Sapiogurl replies on 5/29/2017 6:02 am:
Me too!

allhard4you 60M  
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5/29/2017 9:08 am

Saturday was the trifecta of racing indeed. With the Formula 1 at Monaco, nice job Sebastian, the Indy 500, congrats to Sato, and the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 longest race of the day with a red flag for rain and a new winner Austin Dillon wins his first Cup race on fuel millage, wow.

TJAY762 42M
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5/29/2017 12:11 pm

Heading to Montreal...you cumming i mean coming

Stan52112 61M  
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5/29/2017 6:53 pm

Lewis is still my man!

broccori 30M
8 posts
5/30/2017 1:43 pm

Vroom vroom

citizen4722 61M  
61953 posts
6/1/2017 12:51 pm

I remember the days when I used to follow Formula 1 racing. It just seemed more exiting then.

cutecouple3677 29M/27F
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6/11/2017 1:47 am

thats nice one

Avonsenior 65M
132 posts
12/31/2018 3:00 am

I enjoy the Monaco race as the narrow roads and in and out of the tunnel must be hard on the drivers going back into the bright sunlight.F1 is changing a lot with Bernie losing control (talk about a smart businessman) I grew up in the shadow of the Indy 500 track and have enjoyed open wheel racing for years

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