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Dom/Sub curiosity answered..
Posted:Aug 1, 2020 9:06 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 2:52 pm

So upon some research, some reading that was advised me, I am confident enough that I have found a category which I fall into..The characteristics described and above all, pleasure instead of pain, hit my love-making style on the head!..Sensual Dom!
I always felt like I had some kind of dominance inside, but it was never about pain! Nipple biting, nipple sucking, nipple twisting, tit slapping.. It's all still in my repertoire...From my very first sexual encounter up until my last, it's always been about the breasts, the nipples, the areolas..
I am guilty though! I've been known to give oral until orgasm and even though being pushed away, I've stayed a little longer than their sensitivity could handle, yet at the same time, being held down was such a rush for all parties involved! I'm also guilty of being a fan of gagging! I am guilty of perhaps pushing a little too hard on the back of their heads to make that sound, but in my defense, I don't do it to be a pig or anything, but rather, to watch them take control! To watch them take as much as they can because of the hunger they possess..
I do enjoy placing my hand around someone's neck, while fucking missionary, helping them reach an earth-shattering orgasm, if mutually agreed of course..Name-calling, spitting..I've done all of this in past relationships and encounters, just never knew there was a name for my love making Style!
No bueno concentration..
Posted:Jul 26, 2020 10:06 am
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2020 5:06 am

Passionate kissing start? Yes please!! Tasting each other, hands exploring.. I love the excitement as the pace starts pick up, the race get each other undressed..It's the feeling of bare breasts against my chest.. The head of my cock brushing against a hairy bush..Cupping her breasts in my hands.. Taking her nipple between my fingers, twisting, pinching hard! The thought of reaching my hand down between her legs running a finger along her wet slit, gently making my way inside. The thoughts of hair pulling, backbiting, ass slapping, choking her limits, name-calling, spitting, all followed by an incredible Afterglow!
Dom/Sub curiosity..
Posted:Jul 21, 2020 5:10 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2020 10:40 am

Is there such a thing as sensual dominance? I would love to explore the opportunities of being a Dom, just never had the opportunities or the instruction..Wiling to learn and take notes though..Just another chapter in my curiosity that I want to learn about and absolutely explore..
Thank me later..
Posted:Jul 17, 2020 6:10 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2020 8:12 am

Hey everyone, with this coronavirus kicking up again, I thought I would offer some friendly advice everybody out there..Although laws May differ from state state, I can tell you that here in Montana, if you decide stand on a street corner waving your cock back and forth yelling "curbside service", "curbside service", there is a strong possibility of you getting ticketed! Just a little FYI tuck into your pocket heading into the weekend..😉😂
CL Casual Encounters..Sure miss it..
Posted:Jul 16, 2020 12:42 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2020 12:26 am

It was a cold Saturday morning in December when I got out of bed and poured myself a cup of coffee curious as what I was going do with my day besides shovel the front walk and driveway 10 times.. I had good luck posting CL in the past, but hadn't posted in awhile due the excessive flagging and my posts never seeing the light of day.. I was horny! I woke that way and even though I figured I would end my day masturbating xHamster, I decided try my luck and posted an ad anyway..My ad was simple and the point.."M seeking F for the guilt-free pleasure, no reciprocation expected". I left it at that and began cleaning the house a little bit.. I would check it periodically, but I was getting discouraged because my email was empty and the ad hadn't posted yet and mind you, this was close two hours later..I went about my day and figured I was going get flagged, so I focused other things..
It was late afternoon when I pulled my phone out, looked at CL and noticed my ad had posted and upon further review, also noticed a new email from an interested individual..The reply was simple and short..She was 52, single and rarely read the ads, let alone answered them.. I sent her an email describing myself and I left my phone number if she was interested in chatting..In a nutshell, after a couple hours of exchanging emails and texts, the possible encounter was starting take shape..She let know at the get-go, that she was a very large woman! I was quick reassure her that weight and race is and never would be an issue with but I could also tell she was a little reluctant..Curious her part as where meet, I offered meet in public first, but I wanted make sure that she knew that her Comfort level was my top priority..After suggesting places and even throwing my place in to boot, we agreed that meeting at her place would put her at a better Comfort level. She gave me her address, we set a time and I was off to shower and freshen .
I arrived at her house and made my way the sidewalk her front door where I rang the doorbell..No answer..I opened the screen door and knocked on her inside door and proceeded wait, even questioning if I had the right house.. Hahaha..While reaching for my phone, I heard the door being unlocked and it opened just enough for her stick her head out..I said hello, told her who I was and we exchanged niceties..She opened the door and let in her living room, which was dimly lit by scented candles. When she stepped from behind the closed door, she was indeed a very large gal! Obese by society's standards, delicious by my standards! She stood there in one piece Teddy that was indeed too small for that voluptuous body of hers..Her breasts were having a hard time being contained as they were falling out of the top, her Bush protruding out of both sides of her thong..She gave me a hug and took my hand, leading me to her bedroom, all the while, explaining that she's only done this a handful of times and expressed how nervous she was..I reassured her that we were both in the same boat, as I was nervous myself but extremely turned on at the way she looked and also expressed how gracious I was at how she dressed up the way she did and presented her place the way she did..As she was leading me to her bedroom, my eyes were fixed upon her large ass moving and shaking with every step..The dimples, the size, my heart was beating a hundred miles an hour!
Once in her bedroom, we both sat down on her bed and began to make-out.. she started kissing my neck, flicking her tongue against my earlobes.. She asked once again what the game plan was and I expressed how badly I wanted to feel her naked body against me.. This was all about her, I expected nothing in return! I just wanted to get this craving and hunger out of my system! I asked her to stand in front of me and start undressing..She stood before me, slightly reluctant, eventually pulling the straps from her shoulders, releasing her fat breasts, pulling the teddy down to her ankles.. I stood up, grabbed her by the waist, turned her around and sat her down on the bed. I asked her to late back, which she did.. What a sight! Her heavy breasts falling to either side of her chest..Her very hairy bush hiding her pussy..Using my arms to brace myself above her, I returned the favor of kissing on her face, tasting her neck, flicking my tongue in and out of her ears.. I moved my way down slowly..Kissing her chin, dragging my tongue down her neck, kissing my way along her sternum between her fat breasts..Taking her nipples in my mouth, I could taste the saltiness of her sweat. I would lift one breast and kiss underneath it.. Tasting the days sweat, following suit with the other breast..Upon reaching her tummy, there was so much Flesh that for at first, I felt overwhelmed, but so anxious to feel every bit of it! Kiss every bit of it.. Taste it all! The closer I came to her pussy, her fingers that were gripping my hair became tighter. I reached her pussy and ran my nose along it, taking in her smell. Her musk was strong! Pungent, overwhelming..My first reaction was to pull away, but my desire and craving that had been building all day restrained me from doing so. My tongue had never discriminated against anyone before and with the opportunity given to me, needless to say, I have yet to turn down an opportunity and this was an opportunity I wasn't going to waste..With my tongue lapping at her swollen clit, I forged on.. I could feel her starting to tense up..Her arms started shaking..Small spasms we're making her body contort and I could hear her breathing getting heavier. She pushed my face tighter against her pussy..With labored breath, she told me she was going to come and that only intensified my sucking on her clit..As her moans got louder, I stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could, tasting her warm liquid has she started coming in my mouth! I kept on licking her wet pussy lips and she took both hands and pushed my head away due to the intense sensitivity..
I quickly kissed my way back up her body.. Alternating kisses between her large thighs.. Sticking my tongue in her belly button.. Kissing my way up her tummy and taking turns with her nipples in my mouth, ending with a deep French kiss!
While laying there beside her, we found ourselves and giggling at the Afterglow..She asked if I needed to leave, to which I replied that I had as much time as she wanted..After several minutes of lying there, I asked her to roll over on her tummy..She anxiously complied rolling over and exposing that big ass right in front of me! With both hands, I spread her ass as far as I could, exposing her tight puckered asshole.. I placed my tongue flat against it and started licking, quickly changing to tongue fucking..At first, she was very timid! Attempting to roll over on her back due to her being so uncomfortable with being rimmed. She told me, while giggling, in her 52 years of life, she has never had anybody eat her ass. She looked me in the eyes, gave a small smile and rolled back over on her tummy. Again, I buried my face between her large ass cheeks attempting to use what strength I had in my tongue to force her asshole open! I'm salivating so much that a large amount of spit had pooled up at the opening of her asshole..She slid her hand down between her legs and started playing with her pussy.. The spit was drooling from her asshole down into the opening of her pussy which in turn, she was using her fingers to mix it into her wet pussy..With my tongue darting deeply in and out of her ass, I knew she was on the verge of orgasm again as she was grinding her ass into my face..I tasted her insides! She started to come and her asshole clamped tight on my tongue..Her fingers frantically rubbing her wet, swollen pussy, eventually leaving a large wet spot on her sheet. Again, rolling over and taking a breather beside her, she explained how she knew that this encounter was to be all about her, but she also reiterated how guilty she would feel watching me leave this house with my balls so heavy. I sat there thinking to myself, that if she hasn't had anybody eat her ass in 52 years, I can't imagine she has let anybody cum on her asshole. She wanted me to fuck her, but, that wasn't my intentions..My intentions were to do to her what I just got done doing, drive home, pour myself a drink, sit down, sit back, close my eyes and stroke my hard cock. Am I crazy? Am I stupid? No, I'm just different and that's okay! I told her rather bluntly, that I wanted to fill her ass crack full of cum! After shooting me a goofy look, she told me that I could fill her ass crack but I couldn't fuck it! I reassured her that that wasn't my intentions and I was fine with that! After rolling over on her tummy again and using both of her hands to spread her ass as far as she could, I placed my cock in between her ass getting it moist from the spit that still remained. With her lying there spreading her ass as wide as she could, watching her tighten it and loosen it, watching it blink at me, I stroked my cock Knowing damn well that I wasn't even going to make it 30 seconds.. I aimed my cock head at her asshole and exploded with Several loud moans! Her ass crack was plastered in cum and her poor little asshole was drowning! My legs were shaking so hard that they were actually starting to hurt. She removed her hands letting her ass cheeks come together and she tightened them as I watched my cum spill out of her ass crack. I took my hands and spread it open wide one more time so I could run my cock up the length and get it sloppy from spit and come, finally collapsing on top of her! She offered me a towel to clean up with, which I did and proceeded to get dressed. Ater some light conversation and a hug and kiss here and there, I made my way to my vehicle..On the way home, my hand was constantly on my cock rubbing it through my jeans..
This Still Remains one of my favorite encounters to jack off to.. So vivid, so hot! It was our first and only encounter. I haven't seen her in a couple years now, but she will always remain in my mind.
Failed encounter..My first and hopefully my last..
Posted:Jul 15, 2020 6:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 1, 2020 10:55 pm

I had been with several couples previously, so meeting this couple at a restaurant for coffee and chat didn't seem like anything out of the unusual. They were a newly married couple, mid-30s, no and plenty of time to play. We sat and talked amongst each other, bringing everyone up to speed on where we were in life. When we met an equal level of comfort, it was decided to leave the restaurant and go to their house..
Upon arriving and entering and sitting down in their living room, the wife offered a fun idea.. We strip down naked, pour some wine and chat more sexually than we could do previously..To be honest, the idea got me instantly hard! I'm an exhibitionist, I have no problem sitting naked in front of anyone.. The activity was right up my alley! Standing up and getting naked myself, I could not help but stare at the both of them stripping themselves..As the wife started to remove her shirt and was standing there in her bra, she giggled and said "you like DD's"? "Absolutely" I replied..They were nice breasts! Extra large, dark areolas with a plump nipple dead center..Removing her pants, I noticed the thick, Jet Black Bush that framed her pussy..I also couldn't help but notice that the husband was nicely hung..Small balls, but long, thick and uncut to boot. I am bisexual and have been that way for years.. Yet, out of all my encounters with couples mostly and a few select males, his was the first uncut I had ever put in my hands..
While sitting there naked, the wine was doing its job.. Numbing my fingers and giving me a foggy brain.. I felt free! I felt slutty.. I asked the husband if I could play with his cock and he quickly approved..I got up from the chair and crawled on my hands and knees over to the couch where he was sitting next to his wife.. As he spread his legs I took his cock in my hand and it was weighty..It felt nice and thick in my hand. I pulled back his foreskin to reveal a big head, to which I began to kiss lightly and take into my mouth..Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was because I was so horny, but I was salivating more than usual.. I could feel the hair on his balls brushing against my chin, coinciding with his hardening cock in my mouth. After several minutes, the wife knelt down beside me and we took turns sucking on his cock..She would be sucking and in turn, I would be sitting there licking her nipples.. Pulling them, twisting them as she had ordered me to do so..The husband had positioned himself on the couch, to where the wife took her middle finger, stuck it in her mouth and got a nice and wet and then stuck her finger in her husband's ass.. while I am sitting there taking as much of his hard cock in my mouth as I can, his wife is sitting there finger fucking her husband with two fingers.. it wasn't long after that, he announced he was going to come.. He raises himself off the couch while stroking his slobbered cock.. The wife looks at me and starts French kissing me as he came over both of our faces at the same time..There I knelt..Cum on my nose running down my lips and I was still hungry for more..
With cum on her face, the wife laid flat on her back in the middle of the living room and started rubbing her pussy for the both of us..She had such a large labia! I had never seen such large, meaty pussy lips in my life and I was quick to put them in my mouth..Her wetness was indescribable..Very wet and very warm..It was my intention to taste her, hear her moan because of my mouth and then take my place on the couch stroking my cock while watching the both of them fuck..She stated that she didn't want her husband, she wanted me inside of her.. I knelt between the legs, rubbing the head of my cock against her visibly erect clit..Entering her was slippery and inside, scorching hot..Within the first couple thrusts, she looked me in the eyes and told me to humiliate her! "Treat me like a slut" she said! "Tell me how fat and disgusting I am"! "Tell me how ugly and worthless I am"! While balls deep inside of her, watching her tits bounce up and down as I'm fucking her, in a matter of seconds I felt myself losing my hard-on! I started to chuckle and told her that there is no way I could sit here and tell her that, because in my opinion, it simply wasn't the truth! Yet, again she asked for me to sit there and body shame her! By this time, I was very embarrassed, because any Drive or sexual craving I had, just went down the drain because of her requests.. I'm not dominant, I've never explored the BDSM lifestyle.. I'm all the way at the other end of the spectrum! I'm very complimentary and even when a woman does not think her body is desirable, I sit there and point out, in my opinion, what makes her so desirable..So there I was..3/4 drunk and very limp! With her husband sitting on the couch taking a swig of wine and the wife laying in front of me, as embarrassing as it was, I had to admit that her request could not be met on my part.. I told her I would be happy to sit there and eat her to orgasm, but I did not have it in me or the right mind frame to body shame..The husband commented on how unfortunate that was and he was quick to get up, go to the bathroom and grab us all a towel to wipe off with..Because the wife did not reach orgasm, I offered to sit back and watch the both of them have sex and with fingers crossed, was hoping the husband could give the wife the orgasm she wanted..They respectfully declined..While sitting there getting dressed, I kept on thinking to myself how bad I blew it! All I had to do was lay there and call her derogatory names and make her feel useless, but, I just could not do it..We parted on good terms.. A handshake for the husband and a kiss on the lips for the wife.. Unfortunately, while walking to my vehicle, I knew and I had a strong sense that they knew, we would not be hooking up again and I was pretty upset about that..What started out as so hot and so dirty, ended with complete disappointment in myself on my part and understandably, leaving a couple that expected more from somebody who gave them much less..To this day, I still think that about that encounter and wish that I could have granted what they desired, but, I just couldn't..
Kiss and tell?
Posted:Jul 11, 2020 2:53 pm
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2020 6:39 pm

I have and always will believe the discretion is of the utmost importance in any encounter! Even with the other person's consent, there would be a shit ton of reluctance on my part to name names..My question is.. I've always seen kissing and telling as dropping names.. in short, the names don't matter, but the memories of the adventures and encounters do.. Thoughts?
Sweet Emotions
Posted:Jul 11, 2020 12:19 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2020 10:04 am
Recently, While shopping at a convenience store of places, I ran into an ex-girlfriend who I hadn't seen in 25 years! When we locked eyes, we instantly knew who each other were.. After a name exchange it was smiles, not mention a bit mind-numbing..She was the first BBW I had ever been with and it was because of her personality, her body , the sexual chemistry and our adventures that quickly persuaded me change my preferences.
Although quickly, we brought each other speed our paths in life, exchanged and went our separate ways..Not 10 minutes later I get a text from her saying "headed airport pick family" "AIRPORT..REMEMBER"??? "How could I forget"? I typed back.. I was absolutely blown away that she would remember, let alone bring it . But at the same time, I am guilty in the fact that every time I drove by the airport or anywhere close, she was the first person I thought of..
I remember our first-time parking there..(When you could). It was fall. Overlooking Great Falls in the midst of color change..So beautiful! It was everything that evening. Feeling her nipples go from So Soft so erect while massaging her breasts with sweat from her chest..Our hot breath each other's faces..Her hand massaging my cock through my shorts.. I remember the wind blowing through the cab of the truck and smelling her perfume.. Pearls and Lace..Several cars passed and even though my butterflies became somewhat more intense and I started withdraw, she wasn't having it! She pulled back in. While sitting behind the wheel, she pulled my shorts down and adjusted herself so her ass was in the air facing the passenger side window and my cock was quickly in her mouth. I remember how wet she was..How easy it was for her pussy take two fingers. Slightly adjusting myself, allowing one finger in your pussy, one in her ass..So many thoughts going through my head at the time! Although dusk, several cars pass, but did they have time see your ass? Did they see fingering both holes? I wasn't nervous anymore! Fuck, at this point, I would have given fifty bucks for a parade!! The Curiosity, wondering if anybody in the near vicinity could hear you! Your moans were drowning out the radio but wow, how you loved gag yourself.. I remember my right hand completely soaked from your juices..Your perfume had now been replaced by the smell of your pussy! I remember your hand my balls, squeezing Them Softly As I came in your mouth..Watching you drool it all back over my cock! I remember how you cum kissed me..Sticking your tongue in my mouth, making me taste my own juices!..
"AIRPORT..REMEMBER"? Yes, yes I do..
It all started when..
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 11:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2020 4:47 pm

It was when I turned 21.. I knew at that moment, that being a voyeur, a swinger and a cuckold wannabe was going end being the permanent path in my life that I would walk! My girlfriend at the time and myself, had logged plenty of porn watching hours, discussing positions, activities and scenarios that absolutely turned the both of us on, yet when it came adding a third person, she fell upon the shy side, not mention with her insecurities, she had expressed several times that finding a stranger would be difficult if not impossible.. Every single time, I sat there begging differ!
A first for us both, with plenty of weed in our system, porn images running through our head and alcohol flowing through our bodies, we were both eager find a stranger bring home..It was sitting back listening my girlfriend and this buzzed stranger talk nervously that got my nerves tapping..They were both fully clothed and there were several times already where thoughts and feelings we're tempting me step out and not watch..Yet at the same time, past images and Fantasies that I always had about another man having his way with my lady kept me sitting in place, experiencing the feeling of butterflies, anxiety and cravings..
The vision of The Stranger kissing my lady's lips, moving his hand down unbutton her shirt exposing her bare breasts and pinching her nipples with his fingers already had fuzzy minded and wanting jerk off, yet I wanted see more.. I was hungry for it! The vision of her unzipping his pants and pulling out his large uncircumcised cock as she sat there gently kissing it and licking around the head had sent into a world of uncertainty and nausea, yet watching her take as much of his cock in her mouth as she could, had hanging and loving her more than I ever had before! It was as she was riding him, with his hands gripping her breasts and her looking at smiling, that I made the decision right then and there, that no matter who I end being with in this life, this was the lifestyle I wanted! I wanted be a husband, a boyfriend, a fuck buddy, who had no problem with sharing the one he was with! It was watching him unload his come over her face that cemented it for me!
I've been my own for 6 years.. Every relationship I had after that relationship, consisted of the same scenarios. Some of the ladies I was seeing were very much into it, While others were totally against it and the relationship went nowhere! It's difficult finding women who want to live this lifestyle.. They don't get it and although I try my best to explain it to them, they can't understand the mindset of somebody who loves watching their significant other with someone else..
This is the road I have chosen.. I'm fully aware that if I pulled the reins back on my voyeurism, I could probably find a very good relationship..But because the fantasies, the visions and the Cravings of wanting to see someone who I am madly in love with, be taken by someone who simply wants to fuck, the idea of a straightforward, monogamous relationship scares me and disappoints me into believing that it is a world of boredom and disappointment..
Fantasy to Fetish..A flashback
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 11:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2020 4:35 pm

Sitting across the bar watching you watch my reaction as a strange man buys you a drink starts to chat..We discussed this fantasy together so many times, yet reluctant to fulfill.. I left it all in your hands! You knew your limits, you knew your cravings.. I just wanted to free fall into the feelings inside me.. The Goosebumps, the lump in the throat, the racing heartbeat.. I wanted it all!
I watched the both of you get up and start to leave.. My eyes followed the both of you and my heart was practically pounding through my chest at this point! I knew he was taking you to his place.. I knew you had to be as nervous as me.. Yet at the same time, I could only sit there and think about the sloppy blowjob you promise to give him! How you were going let him come deep inside you.. I went home alone, with a foggy brain and the need to masturbate hard! All the while, waiting for you to walk through the front door and tell me everything..
1 comment
Posted:Mar 23, 2020 6:18 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2020 1:39 pm

I've been single for quite awhile due work, or personal things going on in life, it's been a while since my hands have touched someone else.. I manage to get by, but I'm no different from anybody else.. You miss the physical touch! You miss the ability to look into somebody's eyes when you just want to have a simple conversation.. I find myself more and more lately missing the feels, the smells, the sounds..it has been some time, since this craving, this hunger, has felt like pin Pricks over my skin..It's the absence of feeling soft nipples hardening in my mouth..It's the feeling of my lips kissing skin, my hands exploring new territory and my face being warmed by a damp bush. In a "what's in it for me" world, I know this:
The only thing I want for me, is the opportunity to find and pleasure a woman as hungry as I. Reciprocation is wonderful, but so hard to focus on my needs..To distracted by my wants.

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